Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Golf Picks Honda 2014

Ogilvy Damn Near won last year @100-1
Kokrak, Koepka and Uihlein Hot young Stars - Good Odds.

This Weeks Picks


Round 1

Samo Samo
As Usual, Thursday means very little. The Morning Players will Play Afternoon today, The Late Starts will Play This Morning - then the Leader Board will mean something by End of Day Today. Tiger and Phil were near the bottom at end of day.

One Exception
Rory McIlroy (7 Under) is a Real Threat with the Lead after Round 1.They say he's back! He is on the way to a win soon. We will just have to see if he can put 4 good days together and avoid a weekend Slump. 1 in the bag - 2 more should do it - if the off day isn't too costly. I still think it's way too soon to hand it to him. 

Round 2

Coverage Continues Today on Golf Channel 11 am (PST)

Devastation in Florida! 
Spoiler Alert: If you haven't seen "Gravity" Don't Watch. 

The Worlds Best Players - Demolished
I just saw the Movie "Gravity" yesterday on Demand. What happened the last two days at the Honda Classic in Florida reminded me of the Space Debris scene. 
Michelson missed Cut
Tiger almost Missed Cut.
Stenson 7 Over - Missed Cut. 
Adam Scott 8 Off the lead 
Keegan Bradley 8 Off the lead

Rory Out to Early Lead.
After shooting (-7) yesterday he ended his early round toady (-4) He is off to a 4 stroke lead this morning. He made 4 - 20 foot puts - that is impressive. Although not a recipe for winning. He will need his approach shots to be closer to the hole.
Faldo and Gary Player can Shut the Hell Up!
After Rory pulled out last year with a toothache (ever had a bad toothache?) I'd pull out too if I was behind and hurting. Right afterward - Faldo and Player berated him. Yes he was globe trotting a bit with Caroline Wozniacki. The kid has been playing since the age of 4. At the tender age of 24 - He deserves to have a girlfriend and a life. Faldo told him to practice more and only focus on golf. That is about as enlightened as the old man with the chicken on the Golf Now commercials. Gary Player went as far as insulting his lady. 

Whether he wins this week or not - Looks like they will both be eating their words soon. 
Rory handled both comments with maturity and grace. Qualities neither Player or Faldo possess.  See Videos (below)

Jack Ass #1 Gary Player

Jack Ass #2 "Sir' Nick Faldo

Yeah... We didn't forget what you both said Last Year!


Round 3

Coverage Continues Saturday on Golf Channel 10 am (PST)
NBC Completes Coverage  Starting Noon (PST)

Don't hand Rory the Trophy yet.  If the field doesn't shoot low - he wins easy. If they do - McIlroy wont make 4 puts from 20 feet again this weekend. He'll have to hit his approach shots to run away with it. 60-40 he will. 

Tiger Needs to Lose Weight. 
How much does Sean Foley Weigh? With 8 holes left in his 3rd Round - he is only (-2).
At some point, he needs to swallow his pride and admit the Foley Experiment Failed.

In a search for perfection - Tiger embarked on his 4th Swing Change with Foley. In doing so - he forgot one simple truth. Humans aren't perfect. I have believed for years - that The swing theory Foley has him practicing - will never be performed consistently - by anyone. He sucked Millions out of Woods and gained great notoriety in the process. The greatest golfer in history has gained nothing in Return. He has actually lost - if you factor the Prime Years he wasted with that blood sucking Guru. The Beatles lost Millions to a Guru - so has Tiger.

Sure - he had 5 wins last year - picking and choosing his venues. I play great in my own back yard too. But he is absent from difficult venues that he used to win. If you chart his progress. Not counting the 2 years during the scandal - He is 50% worse with Foley than any other time in his illustrious career. The scary part is - how long will it take to get those swing thoughts out of his head if he does dump him? Time and Jack's records - wait for no man. The good news is - Tiger has a life outside golf now and seems happy.  I think that makes him very dangerous. If he ever Combines that - with a life outside Sean Foley  - We will see the Tiger that dominated the Tour again.

Woods finished early with a respectable 65 (-5) through 3 Rounds.

Rory did not sink 20 foot puts in round 3. He missed several greens on approach. But, he threw a few darts close enough to the Pins to hold the lead. De Jonge was nose to nose with McIlroy through the half mile - but dropped well back into the pack in round 3. Rory has slowed from (-7) and (-4) to just 1 Under on Round 3. The big question is - will he have that one day in the 70s as most do - over 4 Rounds and leave the door open? At (-12) He currently holds a 2 shot lead over Russell Henley (-10), with Knox sole 3rd at (-9)

Will Mackenzie looked promising for a bit - he is a stat find - like Spieth - but judging from today - he needs to learn to put. He, Matt Every and Tringale are out of the conversation for now at (-6). Only one of our Picks is even close - Keegan Bradley (-7). 


Final Round

Coverage Continues Sunday on Golf Channel 10 am (PST)
NBC Completes Coverage Starting Noon (PST)

 Breaking News
Tiger ( 5 Over Today ) Has Withdrawn on the 13th Hole. He informed his playing partner, grabbed his young daughters hand and walked to the car. A Player must give an official Reason for a WD during a Match. His Media person wrote something down from Tiger on a Notepad. The Official Reason has been confirmed as a bad back. 
What more will it Take to Dump Foley?  

McIlroy's Lead Gobbled Up!

Rory 3 Bogies on Front 9 - Misses 10 Foot Par Put on the 12th  to Fall into 3 Way Tie with Knox and Palmer at (-10). Henley has dropped back to (-8)

Rory Hits one  over cart path into gallery on 13. NIce save from Pine Straw onto center green - 40 feet to Pin for Birdie. Leaves it inside 3 feet for Par? Pushes it in (-10)

Knox also in the  Pine Straw on 14. Just inches behind the lip of the Fairway Green. Johnny Miller calls it - Hits Lip Bounces Right - into the Lake.  5th Shot from Greenside Rough - inside 3 feet. Drops to (-8)

Palmer 3rd shot from the 16th Greenside Rough - almost hits PIn - Runs Past 10 Feet for par?
Pushes it Right - Falls into tie for 2nd with Henley at (-9)

Palmer Tee Shot on 189 yd Par 3 17th - on the green inside 25 feet from Pin. Misses Birdie Put - Pars in

Henley 3rd shot on Par 4 14th - from Fringe 40 ft - Chips It In! (-10) 
Henley Tee shot 181 yd Par 3 15th In the Water! From the Drop Zone - Sticks it - but spins back 20 feet. Misses Bogie Put by inches - back to (-8) That's gonna hurt tomorrow!

Rory Tee shot 181 yd Par 3 - IN the Bunker. Sand Save inside 2 feet. Par (-10) Thru 15.

Rory Tee shot 443 yd Par 4 16th - In the Bunker! Good Flat Lie in Long Bunker, But will be hitting over the water. OMG! It's in The Lake! Drop Shot over the water inside 25 feet - Misses it for Bogie by 2 inches! (-8).

Palmer (-9) One Back in Sole 2nd - Last chance to catch him - Tee shot on Par 5 18th..
In the Rough - beside a Tree. Clear shot 264 yards. Lays up Fairway. 
3rd Shot - From edge of lake - looking over inlet to narrow peninsula Green - this is a nail biter of a shot - with the tourney on the line.... 
He Goes for the Pin! In The Greenside Rough 15 feet away from Pin. 
From the Rough - Bounces past Hole 3.5 feet. OMG! Standing too far from Ball - Leaning Over - This is for Par - To Take the Sole Lead! - He Pushes it Right!
Palmer pushes 4 Foot Bogie Put in - in The Clubhouse with the Lead (-8)

4 Way Tie for First at (-8)
Palmer / Knox / Henley / Rory 

Does anyone want to win? It's Devastation! LOL

Henley Back in the Running now at (-8) Tee Shot on 189 yd Par 3 17th on the Green.
Misses Birdie Put - Inside 2 feet. Still (-8)

Rory Tee Shot on 189 yd Par 3 17th - In the Bunker!
From the Bunker - below the hole  - 40 feet across the Green inside 6 feet for Par.
Pushes Par Put right. Drops to (-7)

Knox  Tee shot on Par 5 18th. In Fairway Bunker! 
Good Flat Lie - Long Bunker- Pulls it into thick Rough.

Knox (-8) and McIlroy (-7) on Tee Box Final Hole
Par (5) 18th

Henley - Tee Shot -Long left Fairway

Rory - Tee Shot - Center Fairway

Knox - 3rd Shot From the Rough on 18 158 yds. Past the Hole into Greenside Rough - Sitting Up. From the Rough 4th Shot - Pin on far edge of Green. - Pin High - 9 Feet Left.
Rory and Henley look on from Fairway - Can he Par to Stay Tied? 
HE SINKS IT! In the Clubhouse Tied for Lead with Palmer - (-8).

Rory - Approach - 3 Wood From Fairway 245 yds - Looking Over the Water at Narrow Sliver of Green on Peninsula - About as hard as hitting a Fly on your roof from the sidewalk.   
Needs to get close for Eagle to have a chance! 



Henley - Approach - 3 Wood From Fairway 248 yds. Edge of Fairway behind the Bunkers - Same Difficulty. Hooks it left under chair in Greenside Rough - Getting Relief. 
Chipping From Rough Sitting Up - Across the Green - Pin on Edge of Green - 80 feet?
One stroke lead (-8) on Rory (-7), 3rd Shot Par 5. Up and Down would be Huge?????? 
OOH --NO!!! Chunks it - barely tops the ball - runs just onto green - 3feet from Pin!
Put's 1st from 60 feet. Inside 2 Feet - He'll have that to stay tied for Lead in Clubhouse.

Rory (-7) From about 12 Feet - To win the Hole Damn Thing (-9)????????
Oooh.. Just Right by inches- Pushes in Birdie (-8) to Join the Leaders in the Clubhouse.
Henley Par Put 4 Feet for par - CAN YOU SAY - 4 WAY PLAYOFF?

1st Playoff Hole - Par (5) 18th

Knox Tee Shot - Kicks left to Fairway Bunker
Palmer Tee Shot - Just Behind Rory - Fairway
Rory Tee Shot - End of Fairway.
Henley Tee Shot - 10 Feet left of Palmer Fairway. 
Rory -  bounce in his step - confident - walking up fairway.

Knox  Approach - 268 yds, Decent Lie but below the fairway Rough a bit - Lands Fairway.
Palmer Approach -Lets go of Club - Hits landing green near gallery - Not Close but safe.
Henley Approach -Looks like He's seen a Ghost - But sticks it 30 ft on Pin Side of Green.
Rory Approach -From 235 yds - aiming at the sliver - Just Like Last Time  

Don't Try This at Home (Pin - Right Corner of Picture)

Lands Left - 80 feet from Pin - Greenside Bunker - Flat Lie. But just imagine - he stuck that from 10 ft further back - within 12 feet last time.
Knox  3rd Shot - 112 yds from Fairway - Pin Side Green within 25 ft.
Palmer 3rd Shot - From Fringe 80 feet? - chip rolls short - 12 ft away.
Henley 3rd Shot - For Eagle to Win- No! But inside 3 ft.
Rory 3rd Shot - From Bunker - Flat Lie 50 ft - Looks good - high in air - should stick - but no! Runs past Pin just into Rough on Water Side. Huge Miss!

Henley Tips his cap and smiles at camera or someone behind the camera?

Huge Crowd in stands on One Side
Water on the Other. 

Knox  4th Shot- Put 30 ft? Breaks left , then right - going in -No- just right 1ft. Crowd Gasps! 

Rory 4th Shot - Chip -just on Rough above Fringe (water side) sitting up - 20 feet. 
NOOOOO! - Sticks on the fringe 4 feet short. Par Put In.

Palmer  4th Shot-12 FT For Birdie - must make? - Henley is only 3 feet out for his. 
oooh.. Burns left edge - 1 ft away. 

Henley 4th Shot- Birdie Put - 2.5 Feet To Win The Whole Thing????
Casually Pushes it in!



  1. Love the comments and the website. Rory's a good kid and a great talent. Who can rightfully criticize this guy for having a life outside of golf and for wanting to spend some time with a hottie like Caroline Wozniacki? Good luck to him with his future in golf and marriage to Caroline.

  2. Thanks for the comment. Totally Agree. I'd be more concerned about burn out than missing a few tourney's for a little romance at 24. What's he supposed to do - wait till hes 50 to spend his money and enjoy the fruits of his labor.