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Golf Picks Honda 2014

Ogilvy Damn Near won last year @100-1
Kokrak, Koepka and Uihlein Hot young Stars - Good Odds.

This Weeks Picks


Round 1

Samo Samo
As Usual, Thursday means very little. The Morning Players will Play Afternoon today, The Late Starts will Play This Morning - then the Leader Board will mean something by End of Day Today. Tiger and Phil were near the bottom at end of day.

One Exception
Rory McIlroy (7 Under) is a Real Threat with the Lead after Round 1.They say he's back! He is on the way to a win soon. We will just have to see if he can put 4 good days together and avoid a weekend Slump. 1 in the bag - 2 more should do it - if the off day isn't too costly. I still think it's way too soon to hand it to him. 

Round 2

Coverage Continues Today on Golf Channel 11 am (PST)

Devastation in Florida! 
Spoiler Alert: If you haven't seen "Gravity" Don't Watch. 

The Worlds Best Players - Demolished
I just saw the Movie "Gravity" yesterday on Demand. What happened the last two days at the Honda Classic in Florida reminded me of the Space Debris scene. 
Michelson missed Cut
Tiger almost Missed Cut.
Stenson 7 Over - Missed Cut. 
Adam Scott 8 Off the lead 
Keegan Bradley 8 Off the lead

Rory Out to Early Lead.
After shooting (-7) yesterday he ended his early round toady (-4) He is off to a 4 stroke lead this morning. He made 4 - 20 foot puts - that is impressive. Although not a recipe for winning. He will need his approach shots to be closer to the hole.
Faldo and Gary Player can Shut the Hell Up!
After Rory pulled out last year with a toothache (ever had a bad toothache?) I'd pull out too if I was behind and hurting. Right afterward - Faldo and Player berated him. Yes he was globe trotting a bit with Caroline Wozniacki. The kid has been playing since the age of 4. At the tender age of 24 - He deserves to have a girlfriend and a life. Faldo told him to practice more and only focus on golf. That is about as enlightened as the old man with the chicken on the Golf Now commercials. Gary Player went as far as insulting his lady. 

Whether he wins this week or not - Looks like they will both be eating their words soon. 
Rory handled both comments with maturity and grace. Qualities neither Player or Faldo possess.  See Videos (below)

Jack Ass #1 Gary Player

Jack Ass #2 "Sir' Nick Faldo

Yeah... We didn't forget what you both said Last Year!


Round 3

Coverage Continues Saturday on Golf Channel 10 am (PST)
NBC Completes Coverage  Starting Noon (PST)

Don't hand Rory the Trophy yet.  If the field doesn't shoot low - he wins easy. If they do - McIlroy wont make 4 puts from 20 feet again this weekend. He'll have to hit his approach shots to run away with it. 60-40 he will. 

Tiger Needs to Lose Weight. 
How much does Sean Foley Weigh? With 8 holes left in his 3rd Round - he is only (-2).
At some point, he needs to swallow his pride and admit the Foley Experiment Failed.

In a search for perfection - Tiger embarked on his 4th Swing Change with Foley. In doing so - he forgot one simple truth. Humans aren't perfect. I have believed for years - that The swing theory Foley has him practicing - will never be performed consistently - by anyone. He sucked Millions out of Woods and gained great notoriety in the process. The greatest golfer in history has gained nothing in Return. He has actually lost - if you factor the Prime Years he wasted with that blood sucking Guru. The Beatles lost Millions to a Guru - so has Tiger.

Sure - he had 5 wins last year - picking and choosing his venues. I play great in my own back yard too. But he is absent from difficult venues that he used to win. If you chart his progress. Not counting the 2 years during the scandal - He is 50% worse with Foley than any other time in his illustrious career. The scary part is - how long will it take to get those swing thoughts out of his head if he does dump him? Time and Jack's records - wait for no man. The good news is - Tiger has a life outside golf now and seems happy.  I think that makes him very dangerous. If he ever Combines that - with a life outside Sean Foley  - We will see the Tiger that dominated the Tour again.

Woods finished early with a respectable 65 (-5) through 3 Rounds.

Rory did not sink 20 foot puts in round 3. He missed several greens on approach. But, he threw a few darts close enough to the Pins to hold the lead. De Jonge was nose to nose with McIlroy through the half mile - but dropped well back into the pack in round 3. Rory has slowed from (-7) and (-4) to just 1 Under on Round 3. The big question is - will he have that one day in the 70s as most do - over 4 Rounds and leave the door open? At (-12) He currently holds a 2 shot lead over Russell Henley (-10), with Knox sole 3rd at (-9)

Will Mackenzie looked promising for a bit - he is a stat find - like Spieth - but judging from today - he needs to learn to put. He, Matt Every and Tringale are out of the conversation for now at (-6). Only one of our Picks is even close - Keegan Bradley (-7). 


Final Round

Coverage Continues Sunday on Golf Channel 10 am (PST)
NBC Completes Coverage Starting Noon (PST)

 Breaking News
Tiger ( 5 Over Today ) Has Withdrawn on the 13th Hole. He informed his playing partner, grabbed his young daughters hand and walked to the car. A Player must give an official Reason for a WD during a Match. His Media person wrote something down from Tiger on a Notepad. The Official Reason has been confirmed as a bad back. 
What more will it Take to Dump Foley?  

McIlroy's Lead Gobbled Up!

Rory 3 Bogies on Front 9 - Misses 10 Foot Par Put on the 12th  to Fall into 3 Way Tie with Knox and Palmer at (-10). Henley has dropped back to (-8)

Rory Hits one  over cart path into gallery on 13. NIce save from Pine Straw onto center green - 40 feet to Pin for Birdie. Leaves it inside 3 feet for Par? Pushes it in (-10)

Knox also in the  Pine Straw on 14. Just inches behind the lip of the Fairway Green. Johnny Miller calls it - Hits Lip Bounces Right - into the Lake.  5th Shot from Greenside Rough - inside 3 feet. Drops to (-8)

Palmer 3rd shot from the 16th Greenside Rough - almost hits PIn - Runs Past 10 Feet for par?
Pushes it Right - Falls into tie for 2nd with Henley at (-9)

Palmer Tee Shot on 189 yd Par 3 17th - on the green inside 25 feet from Pin. Misses Birdie Put - Pars in

Henley 3rd shot on Par 4 14th - from Fringe 40 ft - Chips It In! (-10) 
Henley Tee shot 181 yd Par 3 15th In the Water! From the Drop Zone - Sticks it - but spins back 20 feet. Misses Bogie Put by inches - back to (-8) That's gonna hurt tomorrow!

Rory Tee shot 181 yd Par 3 - IN the Bunker. Sand Save inside 2 feet. Par (-10) Thru 15.

Rory Tee shot 443 yd Par 4 16th - In the Bunker! Good Flat Lie in Long Bunker, But will be hitting over the water. OMG! It's in The Lake! Drop Shot over the water inside 25 feet - Misses it for Bogie by 2 inches! (-8).

Palmer (-9) One Back in Sole 2nd - Last chance to catch him - Tee shot on Par 5 18th..
In the Rough - beside a Tree. Clear shot 264 yards. Lays up Fairway. 
3rd Shot - From edge of lake - looking over inlet to narrow peninsula Green - this is a nail biter of a shot - with the tourney on the line.... 
He Goes for the Pin! In The Greenside Rough 15 feet away from Pin. 
From the Rough - Bounces past Hole 3.5 feet. OMG! Standing too far from Ball - Leaning Over - This is for Par - To Take the Sole Lead! - He Pushes it Right!
Palmer pushes 4 Foot Bogie Put in - in The Clubhouse with the Lead (-8)

4 Way Tie for First at (-8)
Palmer / Knox / Henley / Rory 

Does anyone want to win? It's Devastation! LOL

Henley Back in the Running now at (-8) Tee Shot on 189 yd Par 3 17th on the Green.
Misses Birdie Put - Inside 2 feet. Still (-8)

Rory Tee Shot on 189 yd Par 3 17th - In the Bunker!
From the Bunker - below the hole  - 40 feet across the Green inside 6 feet for Par.
Pushes Par Put right. Drops to (-7)

Knox  Tee shot on Par 5 18th. In Fairway Bunker! 
Good Flat Lie - Long Bunker- Pulls it into thick Rough.

Knox (-8) and McIlroy (-7) on Tee Box Final Hole
Par (5) 18th

Henley - Tee Shot -Long left Fairway

Rory - Tee Shot - Center Fairway

Knox - 3rd Shot From the Rough on 18 158 yds. Past the Hole into Greenside Rough - Sitting Up. From the Rough 4th Shot - Pin on far edge of Green. - Pin High - 9 Feet Left.
Rory and Henley look on from Fairway - Can he Par to Stay Tied? 
HE SINKS IT! In the Clubhouse Tied for Lead with Palmer - (-8).

Rory - Approach - 3 Wood From Fairway 245 yds - Looking Over the Water at Narrow Sliver of Green on Peninsula - About as hard as hitting a Fly on your roof from the sidewalk.   
Needs to get close for Eagle to have a chance! 



Henley - Approach - 3 Wood From Fairway 248 yds. Edge of Fairway behind the Bunkers - Same Difficulty. Hooks it left under chair in Greenside Rough - Getting Relief. 
Chipping From Rough Sitting Up - Across the Green - Pin on Edge of Green - 80 feet?
One stroke lead (-8) on Rory (-7), 3rd Shot Par 5. Up and Down would be Huge?????? 
OOH --NO!!! Chunks it - barely tops the ball - runs just onto green - 3feet from Pin!
Put's 1st from 60 feet. Inside 2 Feet - He'll have that to stay tied for Lead in Clubhouse.

Rory (-7) From about 12 Feet - To win the Hole Damn Thing (-9)????????
Oooh.. Just Right by inches- Pushes in Birdie (-8) to Join the Leaders in the Clubhouse.
Henley Par Put 4 Feet for par - CAN YOU SAY - 4 WAY PLAYOFF?

1st Playoff Hole - Par (5) 18th

Knox Tee Shot - Kicks left to Fairway Bunker
Palmer Tee Shot - Just Behind Rory - Fairway
Rory Tee Shot - End of Fairway.
Henley Tee Shot - 10 Feet left of Palmer Fairway. 
Rory -  bounce in his step - confident - walking up fairway.

Knox  Approach - 268 yds, Decent Lie but below the fairway Rough a bit - Lands Fairway.
Palmer Approach -Lets go of Club - Hits landing green near gallery - Not Close but safe.
Henley Approach -Looks like He's seen a Ghost - But sticks it 30 ft on Pin Side of Green.
Rory Approach -From 235 yds - aiming at the sliver - Just Like Last Time  

Don't Try This at Home (Pin - Right Corner of Picture)

Lands Left - 80 feet from Pin - Greenside Bunker - Flat Lie. But just imagine - he stuck that from 10 ft further back - within 12 feet last time.
Knox  3rd Shot - 112 yds from Fairway - Pin Side Green within 25 ft.
Palmer 3rd Shot - From Fringe 80 feet? - chip rolls short - 12 ft away.
Henley 3rd Shot - For Eagle to Win- No! But inside 3 ft.
Rory 3rd Shot - From Bunker - Flat Lie 50 ft - Looks good - high in air - should stick - but no! Runs past Pin just into Rough on Water Side. Huge Miss!

Henley Tips his cap and smiles at camera or someone behind the camera?

Huge Crowd in stands on One Side
Water on the Other. 

Knox  4th Shot- Put 30 ft? Breaks left , then right - going in -No- just right 1ft. Crowd Gasps! 

Rory 4th Shot - Chip -just on Rough above Fringe (water side) sitting up - 20 feet. 
NOOOOO! - Sticks on the fringe 4 feet short. Par Put In.

Palmer  4th Shot-12 FT For Birdie - must make? - Henley is only 3 feet out for his. 
oooh.. Burns left edge - 1 ft away. 

Henley 4th Shot- Birdie Put - 2.5 Feet To Win The Whole Thing????
Casually Pushes it in!


Golf Picks Tshwane 2014

Big on Hennie Otto, Oliver Fisher, Fichardt, Walters, Santos.
De Silva still leads in Stats 50-1. 
This Weeks Picks


Round 1

The Name Game
I know it's stupid, but if I see be a player and another has the same last name - I usually cover both. Have to start doing that again, Oliver Fisher +1, Ross Fisher -6. 
Well..Make that 4 Fishers in the Field. Fisher Jnr and Trevor Fisher too. The Biggest threat I belive is Trevor - whom I bet on several times last year. He was near the top at the end of round 1.

Long Way Home
This is the longest course on the Euro Tour. So, some of the favorites are off to a slow start. 
I did nt know that going in - but I just looked at Driving Distance Stats on Euro Tour, and none of the Top 15 are leading anyway. 

Darren Fichardt
One of our Top Picks and last years Runner Up - is in the Mix and I like his chances. 
BTW - Darren's Wife Natasha - looked on from the Gallery with Kate Aiken. Not a bad looking fan club.


Round 2

Darren Fichardt 
Good 2nd Round just 3 Off the Lead.
Chris Wood (-9) and Henne Otto (-7) will need some help from the Leaders to have a chance.
I still feel good about Fichardt's Consistency on this course and Staying Power through weekend. Trevor Fisher also very dangerous.



Coverage Continues on Golf Channel Saturday at 2:30 am (PST)

Our Boys Threatened
When Darren Fichardt sank his first birdie - he looked poised to make a run. However, he ran into a wall of Pars and Bogies he could not break through. He failed to make up ground and finished with a disappointing (-11)

Otto Henne Flew out of the Gate with 5 Birdies on the front 9. However, he too slowed on the back 9 to Finish 7 off the lead at (-11)

Ross Fisher's
Golf Swing looks harmless and unstable at best. With Fichardt and Henne in pursuit - it was only a matter of time before he slipped and gave up the lead. Or so I thought. He is 33rd in GIR but 85th in Drive Accuracy and 100th in Putting. So, he did not seem like much of a bargain at 25-1. He did not even play this course last year and only has 1 top 10 this year. 

Maybe he only has one Top 10 because he's been living in the caddy Shack at CopperLeaf - or so it seemed during today's round. He couldn't miss. Even when he was in trouble - out of one bunker - into another - the result was a birdie opportunity and a Par result. He was throwing darts. Almost Every Approach shot hit within 10 feet or less of the Pin. The Field is lucky he missed half those puts or he would have a 10 shot lead instead of 5. I paused his last hole after he went in the bunker on 18. They didn't show his up and down - just a Par Put form 8 feet. Of course he made it. He Leads at (-18).  Unless he is hit by falling Space Debris - or a Mental Collapse that would make Freud Gasp - looks like this one is over.

Current LeaderBoard


Final Round

Coverage Final Round- Golf Channel Sunday at 2:30 am (PST)

Sharp Shooters Give Chase
Ross Fisher's Obvious plan, with a 5 shot lead -  was to keep both hands on the Reins and Par his way home. He was only 1 Under after the Front 9 at (-19). A 2 Man Posse, consisting of Michael Hoey (-18) and Carlos Del Moral (-17) gave chase. They were both 5 Under for the day coming into the 12th Hole. The stage was set for one of them to bring Fisher in alive - if he pulled up lame - even on a few holes. All the Riders in the Hunt were Marksmen - shooting the eyes out of 10 of 11 Greens in Regulation. That was, until, Hoey, just one off Fisher -  pulled one in the water on 12. Hoey dropped to (-16) while Del Moral stayed hot on his trail,  2 Off at (-17)

By the 14th Hole - Fisher maintained a safe distance (-19). Henne Otto saddled up with Hoey at (-16) as he Rounded the 15th. A frustrated Dyson stayed back with the women and children at (-10). Carlos Del Moral fell in a gully and ran his chip put well past the hitching post. He fell back and joined them at (-16). Van Tonder joined chase after 16 (-16). Fisher continued to sharp shoot the greens - but his putter held him back and he stayed (-19) 3 Up after 13.
On 15 - Del Moral gained a little ground (-17) 2 Off again. Van Tonder joined him late on 18.
Fisher's pulled out his long rifle and hit his 2nd shot on the Par 5 15th Green. He rested his horses there with an Eagle put (-21). Hoey, Van Tonder and Del Moral were left kicking the dirt at (-17). They pulled the corn mash from their Saddle bags and shot wildly at Tin Cans and Squirrels after that. Hoey and Van Tonder were the best of the bunch at (-17). Fisher rode off into the Sunset (-20). You could hear him whistling in the distance as he headed for Mexico.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Golf Picks WGC 2014

Click Link Below
 To See What Happens Next

Alert: WGC Starts Today!
PGA Tournaments usually start on Thursday.  This Week WGC Starts on Wednesday.
It's a special Match Play Format. So Bets need to be in by Tuesday Night.
Coverage Begins This Morning
Golf Channel 9 AM (PST)

About Match Play:
The good news is - Each Hole is only worth 1 Point. 
So it doesn't matter if you shoot 3 Over on a Hole you lose the Hole by 1.  
Scores are Up, Down or AS. If you win 3 out of 5 Holes you are 3 Up.
If you split 6 Holes 3 -3 you are AS or All Square - Tied. 
Since Each Hole is only worth 1, If you are 3 up with 2 Holes  to Pay 
The Match is Over.
The Bad News is - If you lose 1 Round - You Go Home.
The Luck of the draw is real. The best player in the Field 
can have one bad round or get Paired with a Great player 
or someone having 1 good round and be Out.
Just like last week - This Course has Tricky Greens 
that may not always reward a good shot.
This Format also involves more Luck than Usual
So Don't Bet the Farm this Week.


The Weather:
Looks Like a Factor. With Temps in the HIgh 70s and Low 80s
The greens should dry out as the weekend progresses. 
So, Like last week, Luck is a Factor
a Good Approach shot 
could bounce off the green and Puts will run Fast.
10-15 MPH winds with gusts to 20
will play a factor as well.

 Highlights of Last Years Final Round:

Note: No Euro This Week. Tshwane Next Week

Last Years Bracket Results
Fixed Link


My Favorites

Pricey Favorites 
Rory McIlroy 12/1
(Could Be Dangerous)
Dustin Johnson 15/1
Hunter Mahan 20/1 
Matt Kuchar 20/1

Bubba Watson 25/1
Graham DeLaet 40/1
Harris English 50/1
Gary Woodland 60/1
Scott Piercy 100/1

Shooters and Putters 
 Jordan Spieth 22/1
Justin Rose 25/1 
Ian Poulter 30/1 
 Steve Stricker 40/1
Jason Dufner 50/1

 Good LongShots  

 Marc Leishman 100/1
Peter Hanson 100/1
Kevin Stadler 100/1

Couple of Tips. 
Last year I bet hard on a lot of Euro stars I knew from watching that Tour. Heads up - the greens are so much faster here they do not usually win. I did make an exception with a few this week. I Like Justin Rose and Picked Mikko Ilonen to upset Bubba Watson in the 1st Round this week. Not because his stats are that great - just because he's hot and Bubba tends to blow it after a win. Otherwise Bubba has the stats to do well.    

The Fairways are Wide - so instead of Using Drive Accuracy I gave the advantage to the bombers like last week and used Drive Distance Stats. The Greens are Undulating - so (GIR) Greens in Regulation or Approach Shots are Key along with Putting. 
Wild Drives Will be Penalized. The Rough is Deep enough to matter 
and the Desert terrain can create some impossible lies if you stray to far off course.

(See Full Stats Below)  

Bomber Scott Piercy at 100-1 has a real chance. 
Other Long Hitters Delaet (Due to win) and Harris English (Playing Hot) 
are Serious Favorites in my mind at 40 and 50-1.  

Speaking of Putting - Steve Stricker is the best in the world. He can read these tough greens better than anyone. His brother just had a successful Liver transplant. So he is playing, Real life trauma like that can be a distraction or make golf seem easy. I like his chances. 

Match play is a different beast- Ian Poulter and Mat Kuchar Excel in these events. 
So watch out for Them.  Jordan Spieth has a good deal of experience in match play too. 
He is a fixture on the leader boards every week. Hope he breaks through for his second win this week.  Hunter Mahan almost won last year, won in 2012 and is good in the desert. Jason Dufner has been quiet this year - but he can throw darts at those greens - so worth a cover at 50-1.

 Full Stats - Entire Field 


Round 1

When players have a short, push in put inside of 3 feet - they are usually conceded by the opponent. They do not have to make the put and just pick up the ball as if they made it.   

"Beware of rattle Snakes" signs everywhere.

Ilonen 2UP Over Bubba Watson!

Illonen runs chips across the gree into bunker edge!
Leaves chip 20 ft short - Watson 2 up 1 to Go Watson Wins 
Poulter in Trouble! 2DN to Fowler 
Fowler Sinks 50 Foot Put 3UP! Fowler 2 up 1 to Go Fowler Wins 
Walker still hot!  5 UP 4 to Play Walker Wins
Dustin Johnson behind a tree in the cactus - taking free drop. Get's put of trouble- but errant Tee shot again. 1 DN THRU 6 to Peter Hanson > UP2 THRU 8
Oleson 1 UP over DAY THRU7
Leihman still 1 UP over Garcia THRU 10

Sticker on 16th 2 DN
Must make put to stay alive from 40 feet!
Misses by inches. 2 DN THRU 16
Sticker Must win Next 2 Holes!
Birdie Put to stay alive - Going in! Lips Out! 3 UP 1 to Go Coetzee Wins 
Stricker classiest player on tour, In interview after ward he is asked - Did your brothers liver transplant effect your play. No, my lack of play effected my play. Every time someone wins - they hold up the Wife and Baby to show how family oriented they are.
Stricker only plays from time to time - after is family is taken care of first - He is the Real Deal.  

Spieth vs Larrazabal
Spieth Clutch 12 Footer to get back to AS vs Larrazable THRU 8
Larrazable sticks approach within a Foot - but Rolls past by 20 ft - still on Green
Spieth sticks approach hits corner of green - bounces off intoburns edge on 20 feet Put - just misses. Does not concede 2 Foot Put to Spieth - Jordan pushes it in. 
Young Guns - Spieth and Larrazabal Boxing it Out! Both are throwing darts on approach. 
Larra sinks 12 Footer - Spieth pushes in another clutch 6 Footer to stay AS THRU 10 
Spieth In Trouble! 3rd Shot in the desert - Takes 1 stroke penalty - back on Fairway.
4th shot - 150yds to green - sticks it within 20 feet. But rolls off green - look like conceded hole.
Larrazable looks cocky and cool.  Spieth DN 1 THRU  11
Larrazabal Misses Green on Par 3 12! Spieth Sticks it within 3 feet! AS THRU 12
Par 5 13th -Spieth 2nd shot stays on edge of green - 60 feet from hole
Larrazabal Misses Green on approach - blind chip shot from below green behind bunker. 
Jordan chips from fringe -within 10 feet. Another Clutch Birdie Put!
Larrazabal wont let up - chips within 3 Feet needs to put it in to halve the hole and stay all square. Huge put coming - will be break??? Sinks it! AS THRU 13
Par 4 14th Jordan Approach hits green past hole - running off green? No catches slope and rolls back toward hole inside 12 feet!
Larrazabal Misses Green left - past Rough down in the Desert left of hole. 
Down Hill Lie in rocks and dirt -needs to get it up over rough onto green 6 feet above.
Runs Chip onto green - past the hole onto second cut of rough.
Larrazabal Chips it in for Par!
Spieth 20 footer to win hole?  
Spieth Sinks it! Spieth 1 UP THRU 14
Par 4 15th Jordan Approach sticks approach on Green inside 20 ft

Larrazabal Approach chunks Divit 40 feet from hole
Larrazabal Put Right of hole all the way misses by 2 feet.
Spieth 20 footer to win hole?
Sinks it!  Spieth 2 UP THRU 15
Par 3 16th Jordan Tee Shot - Little too hard - past hole left in first cut, just past fringe.

Larrazabal Tee Shot - Cussing in Italian - Little too hard Lands right next to Spieth.
Spieth From just off the fringe - chips 10 feet short 
Larrazabal From just off the fringe - chips Inside 2 feet.
Spieth Put - From 10 feet to halve the hole and stay 2 UP?
Hits it solid - good pace - Lips Out! 
Spieth Class Act - ConcedesLarrazabal Larrazabal 2 foot put. Spieth 1 UP THRU 16
Par 4 17th  Spieth can win match by wining this hole! Would be 2 Up 1 to Go?
Jordan Approach- Little too hard - past hole left in 2nd cut of rough siting up.
Larrazabal Approach From the rough - sitting up. sticks green inside 20 feet
Advantage Larrazabal
Jordan Chip Nice! inside 4 feet.
Larrazabal Put to Win Hole and Tie the Match! From 20 ft uphill - not a super hard put
He misses Right - Spieth Pushes in from 4 feet! Spieth 1 UP THRU 17
LarrazabaL Tee Shot - Wild Right! 3 Feet Beneath lip in Fairway Bunker!
Jordan Tee Shot - Caddy says "Good Shot Jordan." But - Follows him into same Bunker! His ball in Good Lie Flat - far from Lip. 
Jordan Calculating Distance with Caddy - "162, 178". Will they get it right? 
Spieth Approach is SAFE! - sticks it within 30 feet of Pin! 
Larrazabal Approach from Bunker - 3 feet of Bunker in front of ball. The trick will be Club Selection - Enough Loft get it over lip and still have enough distance to get it to the green from 178 Yards away.  HITS THE LIPS - BOUNCES BEHIND HIM BACK IN BUNKER!
Chips out to fairway behind desert Hazard area 
Larrazabal 4th Shot on Par 4 18th from Fairway-  (Spieth sitting 2 on Green)
Huge Divot - lands 5 feet behind Spieth!  Larrazabal Calls Spieth over on way to Green. Hats off they shake - Larrazabal Rushes off.

 Spieth 2 Up Wins It! 
Bjorn is Next
That was a Knock Down Drag out Slug Fest! Reminded me of a Sugar Ray Leonard Fight. Larrazabal was almost mistake free and got up and down every time he was in trouble. Spieth hit every clutch put and Approach like a Seasoned Veteran at 20 years old.  
If You have Money on Spieth and Watched that Match - and Still Think Golf is Boring - You Don't Have a Pulse!

>>>>Sergio Garcia vs Leishman AS THRU 17  
Final Hole 18th
Leishman in the Bunker 
Garcia in Fairway 
Garcia Approach almost in Bunker - settles on Fringe. 
Leishman in the Bunker 150 to Green below the lip by 3 feet. Way Left in Bush!
Garcia 6 Foot Put to Win Hole? HE MISSES IT! 
Garcia Tee Shot - Crushes it - Left Fairway. 
Leishman Tee Shot - Right Fairway. 
Garcia Approach - on Green 50 ft from hole
Leishman Aproach - right a PIn - shot rolling off Green stops just on 30 ft away.  
Garcia Tee Shot - Short - Left Rough.
Leishman Stripes it - Center Fairway. 
Garcia From Rough. Whips it left into Deep Rough.
Leishman Aproach - Right a PIn - Bounce Hard Left into Bunker! 
Garcia 3rd Shot Sticks it inside 12 Feet Hole High.  
Leishman 3rd Shot From Bunker - Only 4 feet of green between bunker - too much ball - shoots across the green - 42 feet.
Leishman 4th Shot 4th Shot4th Shot Put - 2 feet short.
Garcia 4th Shot Put  From 12 Feet  Short!
Par 3 - Garcia Tee Shot - Short - Left Rough.
Par 3 - Leishman Tee Shot - just carries water in Green side Bunker.
Chip Shot - Perfect- insdie 2 feeet - Conceded
Garcia Must Make 4 Footer - Sinks it! 

Par 4 - Garcia Tee Shot - In Fairway.
Par 4 - Leishman Tee Shot - In Fairway.
Leishman Approach - on Green up on ridge 40 ft from Pin.
Garcia Approach - on Green inside 15 feet
Garcia Put to Win - Sinks it!
Garcia Wins It!
Garcia Gracious winner - said Leishman played better than him.


Round 2

 Some Great Matches Today! Rory vs English, Day vs Horschel.
Several Europeans have fared well in round one. 
We'll see if they can stay the course.
Schwartzel, Rose and Hansen are Likely to Advance.  
I Like Blixt to Possibly Upset Give Bubba.

Here are Today's Matchups
With Full Stats
and Predictions

Spieth Aint Playin! 
The concern for Jordan playing the Grisly old veteran Bjorn - was Bjorn playing head games. 
Well...if he is.. Jordan (at 20) has a few of his own. After Jordan hit the lip in the bunker with his 3rd shot - Bjorn had a 25 foot put to win the hole. He missed by 2 feet. Spieth flipped Bjorn's ball backwards toward him on the way to the bunker. He then proceeded to hole the shot out of the Bunker to stay 1UP THRU 3.
Announcer; "Jordan taking Bjorn apart!
Spieth 5 UP THRU 10 
Spieth Misses 4 footer - Conceded
Bjorn 5 Footer to Win the Hole - Misses
Bjorn from 3.5 Feet to Halve the hole- Makes it.
Spieth 5 UP THRU 12
13 th Hole
Bjorn for Birdie from 20 feet - Misses
Spieth from 3.5 feet to Win the Match? 
Spieth pushes it left 2.5  feet past - Sloppy - Hurried - conceded
Spieth 5 UP THRU 13 
Bjorn Approach on Par 4 14th - MUST WIN THIS HOLE TO STAY ALIVE
On the green 35 ft short
Spieth Approach from the Rough 160 yds - inside 25 feet
Bjorn from 35 feet burns the edge - misses
Spieth 2 Puts to Win Match! - Hope he ends strong?
Inside 2 feet - Conceded by Bjorn - Hats Off - they Shake hands
 6 UP THRU 14 Spieth Wins!
Spieth Plays Kuchar Next
Walker 1 DN to Fowler on Final 18th! 
Walker Approach center green 20 ft. 
Fowler Approach from Bunker - Center Green 45 ft. 
Fowler Put - 12 feet past 
Walker misses
Fowler to win the hole and Match! - from 12 feet.  
Fowler Sinks it! Fowler 1 UP Wins! 

Bubba Drops 1 on 14th  UP 1 Over Blixt
Short Par 3: Blixt Tee shot short of Greeen
Bubba Bounces onto green - 20 ft.  Misses - Conceded
Blixt from 20 feet to Halve the Hole - Lips Out!
Watson 2 UP THRU 15.
(16th) Blixt Tee shot short in Fairway
Bubba Tee shot short Left 
Blixt chip inside 10 feet 
Bubba 13 ft past
Blixt Must Make this - if Bubba Makes his - to Stay Alive!
From 10 feet to stay alive?
Put break right into center of hole!
It rolls across the right center of hole! No Good! 
Watson from 13 feet to Win the Match!
OMG! Same thing - Rolls over the Right side of Hole!
Watson 2 UP THRU 15.
Blixt must win next 2 Holes to Stay alive.
Par 4 17th - 482 yds.
Bubba Tee Shot - Carries Bunker in 1st but of Rough - Good Lie.
Blixt Tee Shot - Carries Bunker Center fairway
Blixt Approach inside 10 feet!
Bubba Approach - Sand Wedge from 115- Sticks it - but rolls back 30 feet.
Bubba Put 2 feet short
Blixt from 10 feet to Win Hole and Stay Alive?
Blixt Sinks it!
Watson 1 UP THRU 17.
Par 4 18th - 480 yds.
Blixt Tee Shot - Left - in the Rough and away from Hole
Bubba Tee Shot - Center fairway
Blixt from rough into bushes left
Bubba on green 60 feet from hole 
Blixt crawling under bush looking for ball.
Wrong bush - finds it in another smaller bush - take a stroke - unplayable
>>He is down below the hole in the desert behind some cactus now.
Chip up in green but 45 feet from hole.  
Hes wandering on green confused - looks at caddy - Should he concede?
Caddy must have said yes. Walking toward Bubba - Hats Off
Watson squeezes by another match - Bubba Wins 2 UP 
He will face Dubuison Tomorrow - European - Playing well

>>>Kuchar vs Moore AS THRU 15
Kuchar short birdie put Kuchar 1 UP THU 16
Par 4 18th Kuchar 1 UP- final Hole
Kuchar sticks approach inside 2 Feet!
Moore concede the match x
Kuchar 2 Up Wins Match 
Will play Spieth Tomorrow! 

>>>>>>>>>Horschel vs Day AS THRU 17
PAR 4 18th 480 yds
Day Approach bounce back off front of green into wide area of fringe 40 ft from hole
Day Chip inside 2 feet - conceded for Par
Horschel 10 foot put to stay alive??
Sinks it!
Extra Holes! 
19th Hole
Horschel - Tee shot - long down fairway
Day - Tee shot - long down fairway 
Horschel - Approach center Green
Day - Approach front of green - rolls back off the green.
Day - chips inside 6 feet.
Horschel - Long put to win - misses
Day put to Extend match - sinks it.
20th Hole Par 5 
Horschel - 3rd shot just short of Green
Day - 3rd shot From Bunker - Sticks it! inside 4 feet - but spins back off the green
Horschel - chips to inside 3 feet
Day putting form off the green- burns the edge
21st Hole 
Day Birdie Put form 30 feet inside 3 feet.
Horschel Birdie Put form 30 feet inside 3 feet.
Days sinks put  
21st Hole21st Hole 21st Hole
 22nd Hole  
Horschel - Approach Left rough Below the Hole
Horschel up and down for Par
Day - Birdie Put inside 6 feet to win 
Sinks it!
Jason Day 22 Holes Wins It!


>>>>>>>>>>McIlroy and English Toe to Toe
All Square THRU 10
Rory Misses 8 foot Put.  English 2 UP THRU 11.
Par 3 12th 223yds
Rory Tee Shot inside 20 feet
English - 20 footer for Par - Sinks it!
Rory sinks Birde put - Wins Hole!
Rory Bogies 13
English 2 UP THRU 13.
Rory Stick Approach on 14 inside 8 Feet
English chip from rough short sided 10 feet past
English Sinks Par Put- Guy is just tall and quite - serious presence
Rory sinks birdie Put
English 1 UP THRU 14.
Short Par 4 15th. 
Rory Tee shot - Bounces down side of green off into Fringe below the green.
English Tee shot just short of green 60 feet from Pin.
English chips 25 feet short of Pin  
Rory Chips inside 2 feet - Par conceded
English misses Par Put. 
English AS THRU 15.
Par 3 16th 235yds
Rory Tee shot inside 6 feet!
English misses Par Put 
Rory 1 Up THRU 16.
PAR 4 18th 480 yds
English Tee shot just short of Bunker
English Approach 40 ft past the hole on the green
Rory Approach 30 ft past the hole on the green
English 3rd shot Put - 10 feet left 
Rory 3rd shot Put - 4 feet right
English Sinks Par
Rory Sinks Par 
19th Hole
Rory Approach from Rough - Pulls it into Desert Bushes below the Green
Next Shot Over Green into Rough. 
4th Shot Past Hole by 12 feet
English - 3rd shot - chip form Fringe - inside 4 feet 
Rory 5th Shot - Put doesn't break - misses
English Wins 19 Holes


Round 3

Coverage Resumes 11 AM (PST) Golf Channel 
This Morning

Today's Matchups 
Note: They Do Not Provide Daily Stats For These Matches
All Stats are Prior to Tourney

Kuchar Calls Spieth a 12 Year Old
Whether it was said in fun or not - it deserves and answer on the Course. 
In a pregame interview Kuchar said he was playing a 12 year old and would say "Good put Jordan" when he made one. He also predicted he would teach him a few things. 
Spieth is Longer off the Tee and his Putting stats are twice as good as Kuchar's.
I am reminded of the Pink Floyd song; "Hey Kuchar - leave that Kid Alone." He'll wish he had by end of day.  

Update: Kuchar Got Schooled!
Spieth handed him his ass UP 3 at one point. It got close at 1 Up for 5 or 6 holes - but Spieth made another clutch 12 Foot Put to send the tall bald man packing on 17. "Hey Grandpa - play with someone your own age! Maybe the Senior Tour? Spieth 2 Up Final!
Spieth Play Golg Hall of Famer Ernie Els Tomorrow. Ifhe wins - he plays the winner of Mcdowell - Dubuisson. 

Europe Please!
The European stars have excelled so far. I do need a favor though. 
Remember when Bubba went to France and was a total ass - complaining about everything thing after he Missed the Cut:  Victor Dubuisson - Please take out this Ego-maniacal Country Bunkin!

Also, After Watching Privileged Snob - Web Simpson - wish a Charity Sponsored Spectator a good Night in Jail - I would love to see Oosthuizen have Simpson removed from this competition. 

Sent them Both Packing!
Ooosthuizen and Dubuisson Advance.
Watson and Simpson Gone!

Should be Another Day of High Drama in the Desert

The New Sergio
Lets Fowler Pick up a 20 footer as repayment for taking extra time on a previous hole.
I guess Sergio was delayed by a Bee or something.  Anyway, I like the gesture and will probably help him in the match.

Update: Nope! Lost by the stroke he gave away. Fowler 1 UP Final

Update: Sergio explained his decision and lack of regret after the Match. Golf Channel commentators John Cook and Peter Jacobson didn't get it - neither did perennial jack ass Nick Faldo. Randle Chambli did understand and praised Garcia. 

It was simple. Fowler had a birdie put. Sergio felt like he was freezing the kicker - by delaying Fowler from making his put. The delay wasn't Garcia's fault, a swarm of Bees had surrounded his ball and delayed an officials ruling. But still, He felt he was doing the right thing and that made him feel good and not regret it afterward. Sergio has had some controversy with his behavior in the past. He has a new love in his life and his trying to be a better person. Good for Sergio. Anyone who doesn't get that needs a morality check. 

He was 2 Up when he let Fowler pick up his ball. He went 3 Up on the next hole. So, a 4 stroke let down - not a fair play gesture - cost him the match. Not a bad thing for kids to see either, when role models are few and far between.


Round 4

Live Now!
Coverage Resumes 9 AM -11AM (PST) Golf Channel 
Tomorrow - Saturday - Morning
CBS Completes the Coverage Starting at 11 AM
Morning Winners Play 2 Rounds Tomorrow 
 Winner of 
Spieth vs Els
Winner of 
McDowell vs Dubuisson

  Winner of 
OosHuizen vs Day
Winner of 
Furyk vs Fowler

 Final Two 
Head to Head on Sunday

Today's Matchups

Spieth vs Els 
Jordan was 1 year old when Els won his 1st Major. If this were stroke play - Spieth would be 13 Under.  Els would have missed the cut. But none of that matters today. It's Mano Y Mano.

Spieth 3 DN 4 Holes to Go!
Els has mised fairways and greens - but has been near perfect form the bunkers and putting on the green. Spieth must win one of the next two hole to stay alive.

15th Sort Drivable Par 4

Spieth Can Not Lose this Hole or it's Over!
Els Tee shot - right of hole in short spotty rough - plenty of green to work with
Spieth Tee Shot - front center - just short of green.  
Ernie chips to 10 feet
Spieth to inside 3 feet. (Conceded for Par)
Ernie Put form 10 feet - going left - slows - rolls in!

16th 246 Yd Par 3
Spieth Must Win This Hole or it's Over!
Spieth - Cooks It! Past Green - bounces off bleachers. 
LOOKS DIM FOR SPIETH - but has a chance - only if Ernie blows ho bunker shot - Els has been perfect from the bunkers so far? 
Spieth takes relief from thefnece in front of the corporate boxes. 
Spieth Chip - rolls past inside 10 feet.
Ernie - chip from other side of green - rolls past 10 feet.
If Ernie makes it - it's over - Hasn't missed from inside 10 feet most of the day. 
He Must Miss and Spieth Must Make his Put to continue?
OMG! The Humanity! LOL - they have to measure to see who puts first. - Even - Flipping Coin
Spieth wins the toss - lining it up. Jordan Must Make this or It's Over!
Jordan Put from 10 Feet? 
Put heading for the cup - Lips Out! It's Over!
Els Wins 4 UP

In Jordan's defense - this is why match play is so hard. Look at any players scorecard in a normal stroke play tournament - No one ever shoots 4 great rounds in a row. Spieth shot 3 Ernie shot 1 - Ernie advances. Luck of the Draw

I will stay on Jordan. 
Hopefully he'll take a week off.I can't lie - Feel like I got kicked in my stomach right now.
When I predicted he would win within 3 weeks - I never even looked at the venues. Let's see - 2 nightmare coastal courses - Torre Pines and Riviera - both worthy of Hosting Majors. And this week - The World Golf Championship Match Play. Brilliant. Learned a lot though - for the resoan I explained above - I will never again bet on Match play. In order to ease my stomach - I just reminded myself that Spieth will probably still win one of the next 2 or 3 Tournaments anyway. When I cash that ticket - I won't care about today. 

Els is a Good Man
Consoles Adam Scott and Thanks Mandella 3:24


Cliff Hanger - McDowell vs Dubuisson<Up 1 Thru 16
17th Par 4
Dubuisson (3rd shot) from the rough 40 feet from Pin. Inside 4 feet
McDowell (3rd shot) from same area - Inside 4 feet
Dubuisson Put - In for Par
McDowell Put - In for Par

18th Par 4 Dubuisson 1UP
McDowell must win 18 to Stay alive  
Dubuisson Tee Shot Fairway
Dubuisson Tee Shot Fairway
Dubuisson Approach - sets it down 30 feet past pin - But wait- starts to roll back - down the slope to the fringe
McDowell Approach - lands near where Dubuisson landed -Center Green! 25 feet from Hole. 
But his ball stays on the green.
Dubuisson Chip - perfect - within 2 feet. (Conceded for Birdie)
McDowell Put - from 25 feet?
Put Starts left...sliding back right toward the hole..slides by.  
Dubuisson 1 Up Final - will Play Els in the Morning for the Semi Final 
Day and Fowler will also Play in the AM
Championship Match Tomorrow After noon.



Semi Finals

Coverage  6 AM -10AM (PST) Golf Channel 
Tomorrow - Sunday - Morning

Day vs Fowler
Day got Up on Fowler and never let go. Day 3 Up Final 

Els vs Dubuisson
Els got off to a fast start but faded. Dubuisson 1 Up Final  


Day vs Dubuisson
Great Stories
Day: Father died at 12 - Sent away to boarding school
Dub: Quit school at 10 to pursue golf  career 

CBS Completes the Coverage Starting at 11 AM
Sorry for the delay - when Spieth lost I went and played golf. 
When watching sports makes me unhappy - I go play them.
Gotta have a life. Shot 29 on little 9 hole Par 3.

Day Up 3 Thru 12.
 Dub Approach just short of Green
Chips within 2 feet - conceded. 
Day Up 2 Thru 13.
Day Approach 35 ft. 
Dub Approach front green - 18 feet.
Day Put within 3.5 ft
Dub  inside 2 ft (Not Conceded by Day) 
Dub suggest they both Concede - Day Agrees (of course)
This was a Huge Mistake -Day's put was much harder.
Day Up 2 Thru 14.
Dub - Approach just below ridge on green -40 feet
Day Approach bounce thru green into deep rough. 
Dub Put inside 3 feet (conceded)
Day chip 10 ft - Holes it
Day Up 2 Thru 15.
Par 3 16th 
Dub Tee shot Center Green - 35 ft from Pin
Day Tee shot Center Green - 25 ft from Pin
 Day Put - 5ft From Pin.
Dub Put -  almost in 2 ft past (conceded)
Day to Halve the  Hole- Sinks It!
Day Up 2 Thru 16.
Par 4 17th  
Dub Tee shot Fairway Bunker
Day Tee shot Way Right - Rough
Dub from Bunker - Green inside 15ft
Day from Deep rough - Green inside 20ft 
Day put inside 1 ft - (Conceded) 
Dub Put - Holes it!

Day Up 1 Thru 17.
Par 4 480 yd 18th   
Dub Tee shot Fairway
Day Tee shot Fairway
Day Approach - rolls past 60 ft 
Dub Approach - Greenside Bunker
Day Put Rolls Past 12 ft
Dub Chip - 4 ft
Day Put Right at the hole - stos just short of hole 
Dub Put 4 ft - to Win Hole and Stay Alive - Sinks It!

AS Thru 18.
19th Hole Must See!

20th Hole Must See!

 AS Thru 20
21st Hole Par 4 Dub Approach 180 yds - 25 ft Fairway Just left of Green
Day Approach Greenside wash Dirt area
Day Chip inside 10 ft
Dub Chip Runs Past 8 ft
Dub misses Par Put
Day Misses Par put
 AS Thru 21

 22nd Hole Par 4 449 yds
Dub Tee shot Fairway
Day Tee shot Fairway
Day Approach - Sticks it Right at Pin! Rolls off green to Rough
Dub Approach - At The Pins rolls past 20 feet
Day Chips to 1 ft (Conceded) 
Dub 20 Footer to Win? 1 inch left
 AS Thru 21 
  23nd Hole Short Par 4 333 yds
Dub Tee shot Fairway - Deep Rough - Left of Green
Day Tee shot Fairway - Short Rough Left of Green- Closer 
 Dub Chip - 30 feet past the pin on the fringe
 Day Chip - Sticks it - inside 4 feet. 
Dub 2nd Put - inside 2 feet  (Conceded) 
Day 1st Put - Push in - To Win the Match???
Sinks It!
Day Wins It!
Day - Class Act - Praises Dubuisson's Game