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RORY LIVE $15 10/1 $150

Just a few Longshot Bets on Fedex, Save your Money and Bet Live!



Odds at most books factor starting positions. Scheffler (-10) B4 event begins. Longshots begin 7-10 strokes behind. Save your Money and Bet Live! Starting Leaderboard...

Tuesday, August 9, 2022


Things have changed over the years. Online wagering is legal in most states now. This adds a whole new dimension to golf betting - Live Bets. 


There are 2 main tours I follow. The PGA Tour and The European (Now called DP World Tour).

How to Watch (Set Your DVR)

Most of us do not have time to watch 40 hours of golf every week. Set your DVR and FFWD/PLAY thru the round. Hit PLAY when they show a player you have money on. I can watch 4 hours of golf in about 45 mins that way. 

Note: If you are not recording and following DP world Tour, you are really missing out. Get to know those players and you can watch on DVR over your morning coffee. The commentary is way better than The PGA Tour.

Thu & Friday

Golf Channel on TV 

Wed & Thu Night/Early AM for Euro/DP

Thu & Fri morning or around noon for PGA

Sat & Sunday

Same as Thu & Fri for Euro

Golf Channel around 10am for PGA, then switches to CBS or NBC Network coverage around Noon. 

Note: They often cut away before the end of the round and force you to watch on ESPN online Thu & Friday. They usually continue coverage on Golf Channel online. Go there, click on "Watch" then choose your cable provider to watch for free (no replay available, only live). You can also sign up for ESPN online for coverage of non Golf Channel broadcasts. 


I post free picks w/ stats here and on Twitter each week. I sort thru the entire field and make picks based mostly on (R)ecent Finishes and (H)istory at Event. You'll see those letters next to the picks, or (B)oth is they have both. Check the Legend on my bet sheets for details. 


Create a budget, based on a weekly amount you can afford to lose. I usually do $60 per tour per week. 

Minimum Wins

Decide what your minimum winning ticket should pay, and wager accordingly. If you're only doing 1 tour, $60 x 4 weeks is $240. So make sure all B4 tickets pay at least $240. 1 win per month and you break even at least. Live bets can pay less $120? 

If you hit 1 B4 Bet $240 and 1 Live Bet $120 or 4 weeks, you made $120 that month. That's 2 weeks budget BTW. 


B4 BETS $30

B4 as in Outright Winner Bets before the tourney starts. I still like the opening odds and bet a couple favorites (with only $30 you can only afford 1 or 2 low odds favorites 10-40-1), I spend the balance on longer shots early at big odds. 


1 for $10 @30/1

5 for $5 @50/1 to 150/1

Total $30


Live betting requires patience and strategy. I'm still trying to discipline myself - so do what I say, not what I do - LOL. Some online books offer Live Bets or In-Line bets during tourney. Others only have Over-Night wagering after each round. Bovada for instance has In-Line PGA but only Over Night for Euro/DP. In-line is key for Sunday bets. Choose your online book accordingly. If you have no online book, bet $30 per Tour for the same $60.

Live Thu - only looking for a low odds favorite at better odds than they opened at. 


Jon Rahm Opens @12/1 he tee'd off late and someone took an early lead (-9)

His odds went to 30/1 - you buy him now during the round. If no In-Line, check his odds after the round. 

Note: I post players on Live Watch that should perform well that week. Check that list for live wagers. 

Wait until Friday night after both Early and Late Waves have played for additonal bets.

Live Friday $5 - Keep an eye on low odds favorites and don't blow your wad yet! Pick 1 player at good odds 4 or 5 shots back. 

Live Sat $10 - Moving day just ended. Pick a legit contender a few shots back at good odds. 

Note: If you only have Over Night wagering available, Sat Night is your last chance and you'll spend the rest of your $30 then

Live Sun $15 - Set a reminder on your phone for Noon Sunday and bet someone a few shots back at decent odds. With $15 left, you can find a player 2 strokes back after the front 9 that pays 10/1 = $150 payout and you more than doubled your money that week. 

-Rick Jansen



Live Bets

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