Wednesday, May 27, 2015


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_____BYRON NELSON 2015_____

like Spieth, Thomas, Berger, Morgan Hoffman, Harman and Danny Lee
are likely to battle it out this week. I do like Jordan Spieth big to win.
Marc Leishman 
ranks highest for this tourney.  

Off the Board in Vegas
I'm still big on young gun Alex Prugh and James Hahn- BUT - there are in the field on the bet sheets in Vegas. 

George McNeil Scratched
I took that $10 and covered Jimenez and Grillo in the Euro (Below)
$5 @ 40-1 each

____ROUND 1_____

Young Guns
Spieth, Thomas and Keopka were paired together. They did battle. Justin Thomas caught fire early  (-3) under after 5 holes. Then he gave it all back with 3 straight bogies and finished Even. 

Jordan Spieth
played a clean game as the elder statesman in the group. However, he missed 5 puts inside 10 feet and a chance to take the lead.  He'll have a chance to make up ground and out-perform Rory this week. McIlroy (+9) is likely to miss the cut at his Irish Open. Jordan plays in the morning wave Friday. The greens should be soft and score-able.  However, he said he prefers dry conditions on this course - he wont have those in the morning. In fact - moisture is like to hang around all weekend. He may need to rethink his strategy - if he want to gain ground in his race for world #1.  
We Need a Golf Channel.  You wont get to see Spieth or Thomas play Friday, They Tee Off at 6am (PST) coverage on "Golf Channel" starts at 1pm.  Too bad we don't have a channel that actually shows golf tournaments. 

Steven Bowditch
lit it up with an 8 Under on Thursday. However, he has missed the cut here most years and is unlikely to go wire to wire. The leader is at (-8), but the leaders are at 5 and 6 under. The morning wave Friday has a good chance of being on the first page by Saturday

Jimmy Walker Sole 2nd
scares me a little, he was 76th in recent finishes, but placed 8th here last year. He is only 2 back of Bowditch, playing near home and is still one of the best players on tour.
Our Picks - Hahn and Palmer
are right in it at (-5). Vegas screwed us on Hahn - he was off the bet sheets in Vegas again this week. 

____ROUND 2_____

Wyatt Erp (Jordan Spieth) Returns
and he shot the eyes out of the back 9 on Friday. He's hold up at the hotel down the street smoking a cigar in the bathtub. He may be playing with his roommate Justin Thomas and was outwardly supportive of his playing partners. But he's not playing around. He came for the bounty and sees the Byron Nelson as a Major in his career. For a few dollars more, he'll send his posse to the undertaker. 

Shots Like This
allowed Jordan to end his round with 3 straight birdies and finish (-6), just 3 shots off the lead going into moving day.  Odds are he'll keep moving - everybody wants a piece of him. He's hunting down the world #1 and Doc Holiday was just shot down in Ireland.

Our Picks
Ryan Palmer and  Jerry Kelly First Page

Leader after 36 Holes

 ____ROUND 3_____

The Quick and the Dead
Wyatt Erp (Jordan Spieth) did not face off with anyone in the town square yesterday. 
He is well back of a posse composed of common folk - leading the tourney. 
Aces Wild
He did shoot a playing card out of the air for the townspeople. A near Ace on his tee shot on the par 3 17th sent the crown into a musical dance number straight out of "Paint Your Wagon". It missed by inches, then spun back 4 feet. He went on to miss that put.

As I reported (above) in Round 1 - Jordan likes that course dry. It could not have been wetter. His scoring prophesies were way off though. He expected 12 under by Friday night. Lucky for Jordan, Steven Bowditch holds the lead at just (-13) going into Sunday. The leaders are only at 10 and 11 under. Spieth will still need 4 under on the front 9 and 4 more on the back to have a shot at saving the town. 

Jimmy Walker Texas ranger
and (Our Pick) his Deputy Ryan Palmer are staked out on the roof of the hotel - looking to pick off anyone who steps out into the strreet in the monring. 

 ____ROUND 4_____

Spieth and McIlroy Expected to Dominate
Instead -Rory missed the cut at Irish and Spieth never got it going at Nelson.

Steven Bowditch Dominated the Field
Other than a minor slip, he hung tough and literally ran away from the field on the back 9 on Sunday. 
His stats were not good coming in. Stats don't tell us he lives there and had his wedding on the course. 

_____IRISH OPEN 2015_____


Rory McIlroy
missed the cut last week and at the last 2 Irish Opens. Yes, this he is hosting this week, but that can be a distraction. Always dangerous - but not buying him at 3-1. I got burned not betting him a few weeks ago. Could be a big mistake - you make the call?

Francesco Molinari
is the highest ranked player for this tourney. I like his cool demeanor and experience on this course.

I Love - Danny Willett, and Chris Cook
Both are playing well and are good at the Irish.

Great Longshot - David Horsey
This may fizzle - BUT - he has contended recently and played great at this course in the Walker cup 2007.  

George McNeil Scratched @ Byron Nelson
I took that $10 and covered Jimenez and Grillo.
$5 @ 40-1 each  

____ROUND 1_____

Rory McIlroy 3-1 Again?
The Sportbooks in Vegas really need to get a grip. A missed cut last week and 2 years in a row at the Irish Open = 3-1?.  As I mentioned pregame - I'm not buying it and glad I didn't. Rory will be fine, but he won't win every week. Not even Tiger did that, in his heyday, and he rarely went for odds less than 6 or 7-1. He is arguably the best in the world, when he is on. The real race for #1 will come down to who wins more often, Rory or Jordan. Rory can dominate with length and a great all around game. Jordan may have an edge in the consistency department with a more controlled course management style. 

Others Struggled Too
The look on Fowler's face tells the story, and he was the only one in the group to break even on his round. Kaymer was 7 Over. 

Our Top Pick Willett
showed up as expected on the first page day one. He along with Chris Wood, Horsey and last minute cover Grillo are all in the mix with a host of others.

____ROUND 2_____

Survivor Irish Open
continues with a leaderboard that snuffs out the torches of potential winners on a daily basis. You don't win the Irish Open - you survive it. I've always said - golf is like a camping trip, but you get to hit stuff. Some of the best players in the world have lost their flint, and were medicated off the island. Those who remain will try to form an alliance with a course that dos not favor the weakest player to make the final three. 

____ROUND 3_____

Big Moves on Survivor Irish Open
Several players must have found hidden Idols or something. The course record is 5 UnderMax Kieffer shot 6 Under today!  Kedjelson leads after a 4 Under 3rd round. 
We'll have to wait till Sunday to see if these trinkets are real?

Rafa Bello 125-1 T2
An Eagle on 16 put him (-6) in sole 2nd. 
An errant tee shot on 18 left him with a make-able bogie put that dropped him into a tie for 2nd. At those odds - he's in my alliance and I have a $5 ticket that pays $630 if the jury hands him the cash. 

Fowler - sent to Redemption Island
on Sunday with a 2, 8 ,8 finish Saturday.

 ____ROUND 4_____

Slippery When Wet
So much so all 3 leaders dropped form 5 and 6 under to a playoff final of (-2)
Rafa Bello 125-1
Had every chance to win or tie - but failed to manage the course and left himself short by a stroke
Soren Kjedsen
hung tough and won the playoff

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


_____COLONIAL 2015_____


 ____ROUND 1_____

Jordan Spieth
drained a put from another zip code - as part of a stellar bogie free 6 under. 

He is tied with 4 or 5 others @ (-6) after round 1. 

____ROUND 2_____


Jordan Spieth (5 over)
Tee'd off early today on the 10th hole. He shot a clean 1 under on the back.
He rounded the corner with a birdie on the par 5 1st (-8), to take a 1 shot lead over Poulter. Then he slipped on the long par 3 4th with a bogie. His troubles from the Tee box bit him in the ass hard as he mangled a 7 on the par 4 5th and bogied again on the par 3 8th. He will make the cut (-3) , but is now 5 off the lead - with the afternoon wave yet to tee off.


____ROUND 3_____
Jordan Spieth
Came out strong and had several opportunities to get to 9 under and in a position to win on Sunday. He missed puts he should have made. Made some he should have missed. In the end, he fell miserably short (-6) 5 back of the lead.

Kevin Na
Will look to dance his way to victory for the first time this season. I love his victory strut after the long put yesterday. Time will tell his that celebration was an up in the downs of nervous tension, or a new confidence that will allow him to close the deal on Sunday. 

Our Picks - Na, Kirk, McNeill, Harman, Spieth and Weekly
all have a chance tomorrow. 


____ROUND 4_____


Jordan (-8) 2 Under after 2!
Now, can he keep it up?
Spieth just 3 back of Na in the bunker on 1. 

Kevin Na (-12)
went on to Birdie that par 5 first hole.

Jordan Spieth
Made a bad call on the par 5 11th.  Na and Pouter just went in the water on 9, both dropped to (-10). He went of it in 2 and only parred. A lay up and he probably birdies and ties the lead at (-11) with Jason Bohn. Hindsight is 20-20. He didn't know that would happen and was 2 back with 7 to play. Currently 1 off with 6 holes left. 

Jordan Spieth 
went for it again with a extremely long birdie put. He hit it perfect but too much heat.
It lipped out 6 feet to set up an untimely bogey.  That dropped him back to (-10) and out of a tie for the lead. He birdied 18 to take the clubhouse lead at (-11)

then took the outright lead @ (-12). Sned would drop back to (-11) by the time he reached 17. 

Chris Kirk 
pulled ahead to take the the lead alone @ (-12), then he hit a bad tee shot and approach that left him a tricky up and down for par on 18.  Snedecker had a 7 footer that could win the whole thing if Kirk failed to hit his 5 footer for Par. The whole clubhouse was climbing the fence to see if he made it.

Snedeker Missed. 
Chris Kirk knocked it in for the win!

Chris Kirk and Family



_____EURO BMW 2015_____


Top Picks 
F. Molinari (30-1)
T. Olesen (100-1)
Howell (50-1)
Grillo (50-1)

____ROUND 1_____

F. Molinari  $20 @ (30-1)
With 3 top 10s the last 3 years at this course, and a top 10 last week - our stats could pay off big if Molinari keeps this up. He has a 2 shot lead after day 1. 

Rory and Rose finished (-1).

____ROUND 2_____



Opened with 2 bogies on the first 3 holes. He righted the ship though to finish 3 under in firm control of the lead at (-10)

Emilio Grillo ON FIRE!
Set fire to the course shooting 7 under! He is 2 off the lead along with Jaidee at (-8).


Rory Misses the Cut!
He looked like he should have stayed in bed. He missed everything from fairways to short put with a (77) to finish 4 Over!  At 2-1 in Vegas, the sportsbooks here need to get a grip on reality with Spieth (5 Over) also at just 5-1 on the bet sheets. 

Round Two
is almost in the books. Only South Korean An, Byeong Hun has a chance to tie the lead. He is 7 under so far - just 2 off the lead with 3 to play (-8).

____ROUND 3_____

A Study in Wire to Wire
This tourney has all the qualities of a great documentary. Can the seasoned veteran (Molinari) hold off the young powerful rookie (Ben An). 

 Franky got out of trouble and made an epic par save to hold on to a share of the lead with young Ben. 

So far An has not blinked and should help to provide an exciting ending.

____ROUND 4_____  


Back Nine 

Just missed a huge par put, is 1 over and has fallen 3 back of Ben An. He will need to pick himself up off the mat and answer with a flurry of combinations to come back and defend his lead. 

Ben An
with a 2 shot lead in trouble in the gallery. He bounces off the ropes and delivers a devastating right hook.
Still 2 up over Jaidee


Chris Wood Wins the Car!

Ben An
Looks more like Mike Tyson with another knock out blow to the field. He has this for eagle after a 315 yard drive and this approach shot from 191 yards.

This kid never blinked. He shot 7 under on the day to complete his destruction of the BMW field. His future looks so bright - he may need to borrow Jimenez's Shades.

My Sister's Gonna Kill Me!
My little sister circled An, on her bet sheet and asked me if I liked him. Told her I never heard of him. (I didn't know he was the youngest ever US Amateur Winner). She scratched him off.   Thank god she doesn't watch golf or read my blog. Think I'll tell her Jaidee won. 
If you read this - Sorry Rhonda!
I'll post her picks next week.