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Waste Management Golf Picks

News: SuperBowl - Seahawks Pitch a Perfect Game

Final Round

53 Calm and Clear Sky's

Will Bubba Choke or Smoke
Can English Win his 2nd of the Year? 
It's Long and Wild vs Calm and Collected. 
Bubba Huey vs The Terminator. 

Stadler off to a Good Start  1 under on 1 
Bubba Pars 1 -Crushes Tee Shot on 2. Stick Approach within 15 ft 
Stadler Slips one in the Right Edge of Cup for his 2nd Birdie to tie the Lead! (-15)
Bubba Pars 2 T2 (-15)
English - Par / Bogey / Bogey Start (-10)  
Perez - 40 ft Put - Sinks It! 4 Birdies - first 5 Holes T2 (-14) 
Bubba Birdies Par 5 3. T1 (-16) 
Stadler Birdies Par 5 3. T1 (-16)
Bubba Birdies  4. Sole 1st (-17)

Looking Like Bubba vs Stadler Now. 
Chubby Hubby vs Bubba Huey

Perez - (Cal-Mex) Another 40 ft Put - 5th Birdie! T3 (-15)  
Stadler Par 46th -In the Cabbage behind a Tree. Clips the top of tree - on the fairway - bad bounce - in the bunker. Plenty of room to work with. Sticks it within 10 ft. Par 2nd (-16)
Bubba Pars 6 1st (-17)  
Perez Bogey / Bogey (-13)

Coverage Resumes at 12 Noon (PST) CBS 
Stadler 2nd (-16) Sticks Approach on Par 4 9th withing 3 ft.
Bubba 1st (-17) Approach in the Bunker on 9.Short Sided -10 t Between Pin and Fringe.
Inside 15 ft. Misses Par Put Right Drops to 2nd (-16)
Stadler Pushes Birdie Put in Sole 1st (-17)

They Just showed old picture of Stadler - He was wasn't always fat. Used to be chubby with a Walrus Mustache. Cute Wife. All these Golfers have hot wives. 

Matsuyama (-13) On (10) From the rough - Sticks Approach within 10 ft. Birdie 3rd (-14)

Leaders have stalled a bit. I think Bubba and Stadler both Choke and this gets interesting.  

Matsuyama On (11) Sticks Approach within 10 ft. Par 3rd (-14)
OMG! Stadler's Ball is literally Hanging from a Cactus Needle!  Nice!

"Uhhh..Yeah..were gonna Need a Rules Official for this one."

Stadler Gets Relief - From the Dirt - Over the Bushes onto the green.
Delaet T3 (-13) 40ft buker shot inside 10 ft. Holes it! (-14) 

1. Bubba (-16) Runs it way past the hole. Pars Par 5 13)
2. Stadler (-15)( 13) 
2. Matsuyama (-15) Birdie! (14) 
3. Delaet (-14) Misses from inside 8 ft (Par) (14) 
4. Mahan(-13) (14)  
4. English (-13) (14) Needs to make a Move Now!

Delaet in the water Bogies Par 5 (-13)
Stadler misses 3 ft Birdie

Howell the 3rd Misses from Fringe Finishes (-13) Luvi's pissed 
Stadler's Putting Style reminds me of Rob Ford ordering Doughnuts. 
Mahan  Birdie! (-14) (15)
Delaet Par (-13) (16) 
Bubba Tied 1st  Par 5 15th Tee Shot WET! 

Mahan  Sticks approach! Rolls it in!  (-15) (16) Tied 1st
Matsuyama (-15) (14) Tied 1st Just misses Birdie on 15
Stadler (-15) (14) Tied 1st 
Stadler From the 1st cut - WET!


Bubba From the Rough after Drop. Barely clears the water - on the Edge -Rough
Delaet Sinks 30 footer for Birdie!  (-14) 2 Back!
Delaet Crushes Tee Shot Across the Water - Center fairway within 150 yds
Matsuyama Wet on 16! Bogie (16)

Bubba Huge Par Save on 15!
Stadler Huge Par Save on 15!
Mahan  From Bunker on 17 leaves it 100ft short.
Delaet On 18 Sticks it! Inside 4 ft!  
Bubba Tee shot 16 - Deep GreenSide Bunker!
Stadler Just off the Green 60ft away
Delaet Birdie 18! Finishes (-15)
Bubba Runs past 8 ft
Stadler Par  (-15)
On 17 -Bubba Double Bogie! (-15)
On 17 -Bubba  from 100ft  30 ft Short - Sinks it for Birdie! (-16)
On 17 -Stadler from 100ft Inside 4 ft for Birdie! (-16)

438 YD PAR 4 18

2 Bogies would be Nice for Delaet

Bubba Tee shot 122 Yds Short Right Rough! But sitting up behind some turf
Stadler Tee Shot Center Fairway
Bubba Pulled it into Gallery! - Turf behind the ball -
Stadler 2nd shot Par 4 111yds - Inside 20 ft!
Bubba Turf behind the ball - Hits the Rope! - Slows it down - or would have went 20 ft past - Inside 6ft. 
Stadler For the Win! From 20 ft - Rolls past by a foot -Pushes in for Par Finish (-16)
Bubba from inside 6ft to Force a Playoff! MIsses Left!
Knew he would Choke. Watson tries to blame it on the Caddy.
Bubba has the emotional Maturity of Ricky Fowler's Wardrobe. 




Round 3

Michelson Throwing Footballs into the Crowd

Add a little wind to already fast greens and you're putting on glass table tops. Undulating Glass Table Tops, with sand and pebbles from the bunkers. 

The story I was ready to write before the last few holes wrapped up - has changed. 
It looked like a two man duel. Bubba Watson: Egocentric Buffoon, who hits it long with a crazy good short game. He would go head to head with Harris English: Tall, Silent, Technician with ice water running through his veins. That could still be the case. But - after they all headed for the clubhouse it became anyone's game. 

A couple guys we had money on last week - missed our cut. 
Matsuyama, Matt Jones and Pat Perez. They are all near the top of the leaderboard.
My Bad - we need to stick with our regulars. I will be writing an article on the idea of a team of players we stick with all year - next week.

So, my money's on Harris English. He had a gorgeous Eagle on 3. But he burned the cup or missed by an inch on 5 puts. One hit a pebble on the way to the hole and bounced away. Sink  those 5 puts and he's at 17 Under. I like his chances tomorrow. If Jason Kokrak or Hunter Mahan (who plays this course well) get hot - again it's anybody's game. It really comes down to Bubba choking or smoking tomorrow.

I'm always posting pictures of celebrities and PGA players that look alike. Bubba has a double too. 

3rd Round LeaderBoard


Round 2

First of all, Really tired of Golf Channel Not showing the whole tournament. By the time they picked up coverage the good stuff was over and leaders were done.  Shouldn't that be the priority of the "Golf Channel" - showing Golf! Email them!
What we missed was Bubba Watson lighting it up to take a share of the lead at (-12)
With Matt Jones.who has never won - but was on my radar at the end of last year.
Greg Chalmers was a regular on leaderboards last year. He finished T3 @ (10)
Harris English turned in another nice round of 4 under to stay in the mix, also T3 @ (-10)
Pat Perez showed up on the leaderboard again after a nice showing at Farmers (-9) 
Japanese Superstar Hideki Matsuyama threw his hat in the ring as well @ (-9)   
Jason Kokrak dropped to T12 - only shooting 2 Under today (-7).
Phil Michelson Redeemed himself a bit today shooting 5 under to finish the day (-4) 

The coverage will improve over the weekend after the cut. So, enjoy tomorrow and if you need something to watch waiting for the SuperBowl to start tune in Sunday.

Round 1

Round Two Tomorrow at Noon (PST) on Golf Channel
(My Top Pick ) Harris English (-6)
Looked poised to pull away from the filed today. He was throwing dart and sticking most of the greens. If not for an unstable putting stroke - he would be at 10 Under. He missed 3 puts from inside 6 feet. ON the first two he made the same mistakes most pros do - lifting the putting head on through impact. The idea (I Guess) is to get topspin. On the first two he literally flicked the ball. In his defense the greens were fast. On the last stroke he actually improved his technique - Sliding the putting along the surface with good follow through. It barely lipped out. I'm stoked that he found the fix in the first round,. Expect him to light it up this weekend. 

BTW, next time you are putting. Try locking down everything. Stiff as a board. Your Wrist, your arms (Elbows in tight). arm hanging down straight, adjust your grip until the putter face is flush with the ground.
With your weight more on your front Foot. Nose over the ball, Handle leaning just in forward of the ball. Only move your shoulders to hit the ball. Adjust your backswing to the distance, and follow thru on every put. Then glide the putter back and forward across the green. No up and down. Click on Comment below if that improves your game. 

(Our Pick)Jason Kokrak
Looking to Break through for his 1st win. He just sunk a 15ft put to tie for the lead with 7 Under a then bogied to finish (-5)

Randall Chambliss thinks: Phil Michelson
will get better each day with his bad back. He was less than impressive today finishing (Even). I think he'll suck up as much sympathy as possible and dump. His nick name when he started on tour was "FIG" F**** I'm Great!  All the players hated him until his wife got sick. He is the crowd favorite though and won last year - so going out on a limb with that prediction. There's not much he won't do for attention - so, will probably give it his best shot.


PreGame Predictions

Party in The Desert

If you are new to watching golf - this is the one to watch. The crowd is allowed to Heckle and Boo. The Players act up too. Yeah at a Golf Tourney - Love it!
Lots of Talent. A Lot of names missing form the LVH Sheet. Some are Available at Silver 7s. But still some prominent names missing from the Bet sheets. Better to bet Golf online if you are able. Daniel Summerhayes - once again unable to bet him. Also Angel Cabrera and a dozen other good players. 

I do Like English / Delaet and Woodland who are on the Sheet

Odds and Picks

Full Tournament Stats (By Rank)