Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Golf Picks Wells Fargo 2014

 Our Power Ranks will be Up By Morning
In the Meantime 
Here's a Great Site for 
Course Conditions
Online Betting


Pre-Game Favorites

Rory and Westwood have a great track record there. 
Those are Good Covers - But Pricey.

There is also a Lot of Value at Good Odds.
Brian Harman 100-1
  10th Last Year - 7th 2 Weeks ago.
He is not long - but has great Put and Scrambling Stats.
Along with Last Years Winner
Derek Ernst - 250-1

The Course is Long - So Bombers like:
Woodland and ColsaertsCabrerra, Kokrak, and Holmes
Are worth a Ticket.  

Players Trending Are:
Martin,  SummerHayes and Blixt  

Johnathan Byrd
3 Top 10s in 5 years.
Not even on the Bet Sheets at LVH or WillHIll
2 Off the lead. 


Round 1

Angel Cabrera Holds the Lead!

He Posted a Number and it Held up Through Round 1
He won't have trouble sleeping on the Lead. 
Just a matter of seeing is he has 3 more good rounds in him.
He will need 2  solid 4 Under or Better and one Par to Take this one.
Let's Hope.


Round 2

Angel Cabrera Holds Firm

 Who will Blink First? 
Angel Tied for the Lead with Flores.
Both have shot good consecutive Rounds.
Angel 6 and a 3 Under
Flores 5 and 4 Under
The Math looks like Flores is due to slip first. 
My Money's Still on Cabrera. $5 at 100-1 to be Exact
Holding a Lead for 72 Holes is Rare These Days.
But He an Sleep on the Lead Like a Baby
Just has to Play his game for 2 More Days. 
They will both be in the Late Group.
But High Humidity and Mild Winds
Should Keep the Course fairly Soft
And allow Good Scoring.
That will mean the Same for the Field.
No Sitting on the Lead
Hell need a Few More 4 Unders to Wn.

Carbrera Child Caddy
He left "Elementary" school to Caddy and Feed His Family.
Easy Guy to Root For.


Power Ranks - 3 On Top
Cabrera, Holmes and Kaymer all on the First Page.
Shawn Stefani has Been Trending - But Not Available on the Bet Sheets. 


Round 3

Last Week 100-1 Leader 36 Hole Lead
Crashed on Saturday

This Week 100-1 Leader 36 Hole Lead
Crashed on Saturday

Mickelson 9 UNDER!
Rory Bounces Back to -6
Kaymer tied for Lead and Falls 5 Back
Justin Rose Near the Lead
Flores 1 Off - Streak of 3 Low Rounds - Can he Post 4 in a Row? 

JB Holmes Had Brain Surgery 2 Year Ago. 
He has been Trending and Holds the Lead. 
What a Comeback Story that would be, 
Bubba Watson said Golf has taken a Back Seat to Family Life and God. 
The Saturday before He Won the Masters
After His Round Yesterday
JB Said the Same Thing


Final Round

Scoring Slows
The Greens became Fast and Hard to Read 
Once Again - He who Bogies Least Wins.

  Mickelson Lion in Lamb Out
Three Lip Outs - 2 Inside 3 Feet - 1 Inside 6 Feet
Then an Embarrassing 4 Put on 6. 

Furyk Out of The Blue
Tears it up to Tie the Clubhouse Lead at (-13)

Eagle Attack!
Jason Bohn Drops one from the Fairway
Furyk Chips One in!
Flores Chips One In!
But They all Slow and JB Holmes Maintains  3 Shot Lead.

High Anxiety 
For JB Holmes (-16) With a 3 Shot Lead and 3 Holes to Go
 It wasn't Over. 
The Green Mile was Still Ahead.

After 16
2 Shot Lead

After 17
1 Shot Lead

On the Par 4 18

Tee Shot

Bunker Rough
Shot 3 Chip
 45 Feet from Hole

Shot 4
3 Feet from Hole

Shot 5 To Win? 

In The Hole!

JB Holmes
$5 @ 50-1 $250



Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Golf Picks Zurich 2014


Fowler - Must Cover (20-1) - Top 10 Last Year Playing Well Now. 
Ben Martin - 3rd Last Week - Value at 100-1 
Also SummerHayes at 60-1
Garriguus is Due at 100-1 as well
Danny Lee Worth $5 at 150-1
Lotta Great Value this Week
(See Above) 


Round 1



Round 2


He Dropped 3 Strokes at the end of his 1st  9 Holes
But Bounced back NIce on the last Nine. 
Lets hope the Worst is Out of the Way
BUT - Hard to Hold the Lead for 4 Rounds.
Lot's of Tourney left. 


Round 3


Lose the Lead - Have an Ice Cream
"I Admire the Style of it."
Better than Freaking out.
Reminds Me of the Soda Pop Kid

On Bended Knee
 His knees are so bent in his Putting Stance - 
Don't know how he can get any consistency.
He didn't Today - Missing  4 or 5 Make-able Puts. 
You cant hold the Hold your knees stable for any period of time -
- in a Squatted Position
You will Lift or Drop during the Put.
He did fine the first 2 days.
Hope I'm Wrong - We'll see?

7 Shot Swing
  A 3 Shot Lead has Tumbled into a 4 Shot Deficit.
He didn't Play Badly (+1).
1 Bad Round Expected
However, The Field Shot Low.
Noh has Stolen the Lead.
Now Noh will have to Stall for Ben to have a Chance.
Does Martin Have Another 7 or 8 Under Day in Him?
Does Noh?
Or Bradley?
 We'll See Tomorrow.


Final Round

Winds of 25 MPH are Expected Today.
That should keep the Scoring to a Minimum.
2 Days with Low scores could give Martin (4 Back) confidence in the wind.
The Leaders could Stall?
CAUTION: They said the same thing last week and the wind played no factor.
Keegan Bradley (2 Back)
was on Fire Yesterday and way overdue for a win. 

Noh (2 Shot Lead)
Was 100% Scrambling Yesterday.
If they miss Fairways in the Wind - Up and Downs will be Huge. 
He is Looking for his 1st win - so Nerves will play a Part.
He is Playing for The Victims of the Ferry Boat Disaster in Korea.
That may or may not help him stay focused? 

Front Nine

The Wind is For Real

 Ben Martin (-12) (5 Back) Thru 9
Crashes with a Triple Bogey o 6
Keegan Bradley (-13) (4 Back) Thru 6
Crashes with a Triple Bogey on 6

Noh (-17) Leading Thru 6
Holding on with - Scrambling and Putting Well

Charlie Hoffman (-15) 2 Back Thru 9
Crashes with a Triple Bogey on 6

Robert Streb Ties Noh! (-17) Thru 8
Robert Streb  (-15) Thru 9

Noh Long Biride Put! (-18) Thru 7
Noh Sticks Approach! (-19) Thru 10
2 Shot Lead

Overton (-17) Thru 10 T2


Back Nine


Noh Lucky On 13!
He Cooked it out of the Bunker Rough.
Ball Bounces a Yard from Pin
Heading 30 Feet Past 

Hits the Pin to Land inside 2 Feet - Tap IN PAR

Noh 3 shot Lead Thur 13
3 Players 3 back

Noh went on to Bogey Bounce Back Birdie 
The after Another Bogie
This Happened


Sticks It! Again!
He Threw Darts All Day

He Made the Puts He had to make

On 18 a Tap in Par
to Seal The Deal

Relief - Silent Prayer

Baptism by Beer
A Victory in Honor of Victims
Prayers for South Korea




Golf Picks Volvo China

I Like Sullivan as My Favorite at 60-1

Sorry for late Post - Starts soon - By by 5pm Today. 


Round 1


Round 2

Ilonen Back on the Leaderboard -Remember him Next week. .
KIcking myself for not Taking Quiros - always worth a Ticket.
One of Our Regulars - Jaquelin - in the Mix- But Not on Bet Sheet.
Comes down to Levy Holding or Falling at this point.  
If he Falls - Opens the Door for a Dozen Contenders.



I Had Fleetwood $10 to win $768
Fleetwood Pulled within 1 shot on 17 with a Birdie on that Par 5.
Needed Levy to Choke on 17 or 18.
Levy hits an incredible shot from the Rough to Reach the Green in 2.
 Birdie for Levy - Back to a 2 Shot Lead
Then Fleetwood Bogied the Par 4 18th. Levy - 3 Shot Lead.

Levy then hits his Approach on 18 within 2 Feet.
That's How you Close Out a Tournament!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014



Now that the pressure of the Masters is Gone - Hoping Spieth can Pick up a Win.
If Not - Kuchar and Zach Jonson and Furyk are Must Covers in my Opinion.
Some Other Hungry Talent at Good Values as well. 


Round 1

Mr Watson ..Again?
For the 2nd week in a row - Jordan Spieth has been paired with a "Mr. Watson".
Last week Bubba. This week he is calling Tom Watson Mr. and meaning it. 
Watson is the Ryder cup captain and the 3rd in the pairing is Davis Love his assistant. 
Not exactly a break from the pressure for Spieth. LOL
But the way he's been playing - he'll earn a spot and won''t need a captains pick. 
Spieth off to a good start again this week - 2 Under on Thursday - 3 off the lead. 

Power Ranks in the Lead
A Total of 5 Power Ranks Occupy the First Page of the Leaderboard.


Round 2


Spieth Off His Game
The 2nd day of his Ryder Cup audition for playing partner Tom Watson is not going well.  He Missed Fairways and Puts on the front 9 - including a 4 put diaster on 18 for double bogey. He is back to even for the Tourney. He just pared one of just 2 Par 5s left in the round. He'll need several birdies on the last 7 holes to stay in contention. The only good news is that the field is struggling too. If Kuchar stalls (-5) - about to Tee Off now - he's still in it. 
Jordan Finished (+1) Round 2
The short Puts that cost him a Masters win are Haunting him this week. 
He missed several Today inside 10 feet.  Looks like he'll make the cut - but will need to light it up this weekend and hope Kuchar doesn't run away with it Today.

Matt Kuchar (-5)
has a dream scenario this morning. KJ Choi has tied him for the lead after 14 holes. Luke Donald is just one back after 11. But other than that - the rest of the leaderboard is several shots back and almost finished for the day.  He is about to Tee Off - If he shoots low - he can grab a huge lead. 
Matt Kuchar (-1) after 6 Holes.

 The Perfect Storm
 May Have arrived in time to save Spieth.  
The bad Weather may also be the reason for his poor play.
Kuchar made Spieth's Round look good - Shooting 4 Over on the first 6 Holes.   
The Bad news is they blew the Horn. They will Finish the 2nd Round in the Morning. 
So, Players at -2 and -3 do have a shot to still shoot low.
Realistically - It will still be pretty wet early.
Spieth will play after the 2nd Round Completes.
He may have a chance at Dry and Soft Conditions to start the 3rd Round. 
Still Anybody's Game

The Lead Remains the Same
The Lead on Thursday was (-5).
Morning Group Today Finished Round Two with the Lead Still (-5).
Spieth has length for the Soft Fairways and the Green will be Receptive. 
He'll need about 6 Under Today to Make a Run on Sunday.


Round 3

Jordan Spieth  
Off to a Good Start - Hitting Fairways and Greens. He missed a couple make able Birdie Puts. The speed of the greens has slowed a bit. If he can get the feel - he could make a Run this morning. His Round is being Featured now on Golf Channel. NBC will pick up Coverage at 12 Noon.

Patrick Reed - Alone in His Field

The Self Proclaimed Top 5 - Once Again, Setting Himself Apart from the Field
 and the Green on the 18th Hole

Almost Hits the "Top 5" on this Hole
Not Sure if it's his Yacht - but that is the name of the boat.
He Made Double Bogey on that One. (+2)

Jordan Spieth  
Spoiled a Golden Opportunity. Leaders Stalling, A Weather Break During his Round. He had a window that could have allowed him to be 4 or 5 Under and in the Mix Today. He Failed to Take advantage and Finished (E) for the Tourney at the End of the 3rd Round. 

Beacon of Hope Dims

The Window Closed 
For Low Scoring. Gust up to 35 MPH expected today - on a course with Narrow Fairways and Hard to Hit Greens. So, a low round comeback for Spieth or anyone else is unlikely. 
Looks like another contest on Sunday to see who make makes the least Bogies. 


Final Round

Pat Perez
May Prove Me Wrong. He shot a 64 this morning to Finish well off the lead at (-3) .
High winds should stall the leaders again and one or two players could shoot low and make a late move.

Luke Donald
Has a 2 shot lead, Is great at scrambling and has a good History at Heritage.  However, with 3 Low Rounds under his belt - I predict he shoots 2 Over and does not win. LOL What do I know?

Matt Kuchar
Has the most Top 10s on Tour and 3 Top 5s in a Row. He also has 3 game Choke Streak going. If he doesn't win today - his ability to Hold a Lead or Close is seriously in question. 
Can you Say "Sports Psychologist". Hard to feel too sorry for the guy. He was an investment banker that turned pro. Not exactly a "Make a Wish" Horatio Alger story.


The Back Nine

Matt Kuchar
Took a 1 Shot Lead into the 17 Hole. Luke Donald was Playing Extremely Well. 
Then Bam!
Matt Kuchar Sticks his Approach on 17 inside 2 Feet for Tap In Birde = 2 Shot Lead Going into 

Matt Choker
Blows an Easy Birdie to go (-12) and Gives Away the Lead (-10) Tied with Donald who is playing great and ready to Birdie soon. 

Matt Choker
Still Tied with Donald puts it in the Bunker on 18.

 Then it Happened! 

Hats Off to Kuchar
He Holed it from the Bunker

Power Ranks Paid Off
Got My Money Back