Sunday, April 29, 2018


My Bad! Lesson Learned.
We've been on Alexander Bjork for months. He missed the cut at Volvo last year, so I skipped him this week. That was an easy $250 win I missed. Sorry.
Lesson: "Stay on hot trending players, regardless of missed cuts at the event". 

We had Dufner/Perez and Finau/Summerhays at the top of the leaderboard, but Horschel/Piercy squeezed us out for the win.

My bad again! We bet Lydia Ko (28-1) recently and should have stayed on her. A $10 bet to pay $280! 

Between KO and Bjork We missed about $500 for the bank. Ouch! As we continue to expand and improve - we will be able to track more tourneys and players better. But with a 74% win percentage each week, we're still doing way better than anyone else in the world.


Tuesday, April 24, 2018


(PGA) Zurich Classic ( 2Man 4 Ball)
Sketchy betting on this one, but some good odds and anybodies game? Picked some trending players and good values.

(EURO) Volvo China Open
Big tourney, covered a lot of real contenders at great odds. 

GOLF BANK BETS (Updated Noon Tue)

Monday, April 23, 2018


We Finished Top 5 or Better All 3 Events!
(2nd Week in a Row)

PGA (Longshots Paying Off)
Andrew Landry Paid 200-1 this week. Last week the PGA winner Kodaira paid 250-1. Although I have several tickets on Landry from the past, there were no tells in the stats he would contend this week. Same with Kodaira. I did, however, add a stat that would have helped with one of the winners this week. We had Zach and Walker, they looked like winners for us and faded late finishing 4th & 5th. 

EURO (Old Friends Show Up) 
None of the favorites showed up, but the leaderboard was full of familiar names from last year. Dredge, Lagergren, Waring, Pavan. Ilonen, and Oliver Fisher were all in the mix at some point. We stayed on a hot trending player in Bjork, and he almost stole it T5.

We only bet 4 players in this event. Scott Vincent finished T4.

There are 5 weeks in each Golf Month for our bank. We only need 2 wins per tour. We have been staying within our budget. That sets us up for a nice profit if we hit 2 out of 5 weeks - like we have been all year. Our picks have been spot on, with nothing short of top 5s in every event for the last 2 weeks. We had a 3rd last week on PGA and a 2nd on Euro. 


Wednesday, April 18, 2018


Step 1. Set your DVR to Record the Sunday Final on the PGA this Weekend. It starts on Golf Channel and ends at 11:30. Then CBS or NBC picks it up at Noon.
Find some players you like on the leaderboard and write down their Names. You can fast forward through the boring stuff and commercials. But watch the last 3 holes 15-18.

Step 2. On Wed afternoon - come here (Bookmark us) or and look at the picks for that week.  Look at the Odds Posted for Players.

Step 3. Find a Sports Book and place a Few Bets. The Odds on Golf are Great! Pick a Few Favorites at 20 or 30-1 for $20 each. Pick a Few Contenders at 40 to 80-1 for $10 each. Pick a Few Long Shots  at 100 to 200-1 for $5 each. You can Bet 5 or 10 Players $50 to $100.
Remember to Get your PGA Bets in by Wednesday! Tournaments Start Early Thursday Morning. Euro PGA Tourneys may close on Tuesday night due to Time Difference. 

We have a $70 per Week Golf Bank you can follow now too.

Step 4. Set your DVR to Record the Tourney. You get a Lot of Bang for Your Buck from an Entertainment and Gambling standpoint. Tournaments are televised on Golf Channel Thursday and Friday. Then on Saturday on Golf Channel until 11:30 then a half hour break - then picked up again by CBS or NBC for the conclusion of each days round. Your Now have 4 Days of Sports - every week - until Football Starts again.

If you Hate Golf - I can Relate. 
I swore to never watch or play golf until I was on Life support. "Plug me back in! "And Get me a Swing Coach! My 20 year old Female roommate talked me into playing a round 3 years ago. Hooked Ever since. Actually before that - about 5 years ago - I started watching as something to bet after Football ended. I have made more money on Golf than Football over the years. It's not easy to win - but the Odds are great. After a Few Weeks - You Find 5 or 10 Players you like and stick with them - you are bound for a payday eventually. No Guarantees - this is Fun Money.

Make it Fun to Watch!
1. You just did - by having money on some players. 
A Ten Foot Put is plenty exciting if you have $400 on it. 

2. Root your ASS Off Like You're Watching Football.
I Don't do it on purpose - but my Roommate has to close her door to drown me out.
if I Don't Have Money on them. I'm Yelling Hook! Slice! Shank! before they Tee off.
If one of My Guys is Hitting an Approach shot I'm Yelling "Stick it!
If My Guy is Putting - "White on White Disappear! "Sink it!
BTW I know they can't hear me - but neither can Tom Brady. 

3. Get your Football Buddies or Your Wife and Kids to Watch with You.
There are a lot of characters in the game. Maybe your 10 year son likes Bubba Watson. Maybe take him to the driving range one day. Your wife may like Spieth or Adam Scott. You and your Football buddies can fight for Bragging rights for best picks each week. 

4. Fast Forward
Hit Play and Check the Leader Board. If none of your guys are on it - Fast Forward. Keep an eye on the captions with the players names as they show them. Hit play again when you see one of yours. Remember what color he's wearing and Fast Forward and hit play when you see him again. I can watch a Whole Tourney in about an hour. But - to be honest - when your guys playing you'll put the remote down and watch. It gets fun fast.


does not have a lot of big names this week, so odds are low on players usually at 40-80-1. I'm sticking with Xander Schuaffele this week. I personally bet him for $40 @30-1. There are some good longshots and locals like Ryan PalmerZach Johnson, and some Trending Contenders. After a good showing, I also like CT Pan at 125-1. Martin Piller also ranks high this week with a chance to break through. Dylan Fritelli got a late exemption to play this week. He has an amazing short game and victories overseas, I like him to break though on PGA soon. 

Paul Dunne is a legit favorite with recent Top 5s and a good recent history at this event. Elvira could show up again this week along with Pablo Larrazabal. Also keeping my eye on Jason Norris and Khongwatmai. Panatore and Porteous also have my attention.

I have 4 guys I've been following that are worth a few bucks. Arjun Atwal has come back into contention recently at 66-1. 


Monday, April 16, 2018


Whow! We came within a few puts of hitting a winner on both tours!

After going big on Cantlay and Schauffele, our watching bets like Poulter, Kuchar, and Cameron Smith showed up for 3 days. I was worried they'd win and we'd miss out. Luke List was one - 10 ft put away from a playoff. Moving forward, anytime we bet heavy on one player - that will come from our "Other" bank, so we cover our normal 10-15 players. 17 wins in 21 weeks, I'm not looking to change our picks strategy. 

The winner Kodaira @ 250-1, had no top 10s on PGA coming in,and had never player the course on tour. So not kicking myself for missing him. He did have 2 runner ups in Asia 11 weeks ago, but, no sign he'd contend last week. 

Our #1 Pick - Paul Dunne dominated for 3 days, only to slow down enough for Rahm to catch him on the back 9 Sunday. It was a bad beat though. Rahm put it in the water on the par 3 17, to drop a few and give Dunne a chance at playoff. But, just like Reed at The Masters, his ball miraculously stayed up, and he parred the hole. 

We only need 2 wins per month to make good money. Learned a little more this week and stayed within our budget. Looking forward to 2 more events this coming week.


Wednesday, April 11, 2018


This week I personally bought tickets on several players we are "watching" (below). I handicapped them as legit contenders this week. Those players would have been posted as pre tournament bets any other week, IE Poulter, Kuchar, Cam Smith. Going big on Cantlay and Schauffele too - would have put us over budget. I bet those two big personally and didn't you to miss out if I hit big. So I made them our only pre tournament bets this week. I just had an idea how we can go big on a player or two once in a while and still cover our normal 10-13 players.....

Big Plays
Once in a while, a player is due and is worth a big bet. 9 $100 bets on Spieth a few years back paid $5,000 plus. Our 3rd. OTHER Bank can also be used to bet additional money on a player on one of the other tours we feel strong about any week we don't bet a 3rd tour like Asia or something. That way our whole bank is not spent on that one player for that tour, that week. 

Note: Even if Schauffele or Cantlay don't his this week, I still expect them to break out and will stay on them heavy. Moving forward, that will not restrict the number of other bets we cover.

I'm excited about our New Bank. Please read my last 2 posts about that. 

This week is a little different, not because of the New Bank, but because there are two players I am going to bet hard on until they win. This limits our pre tournament bets. I have have large tickets on Cantlay $1200 and Schauffele $1000, and did not want you to miss out if my hunch is right that one will win this week. I limited the bet amounts on them in the bank to stay within our budget. As part of our new strategy, I also set aside some cash from this weeks budget on each tour - to cover some Late Live bets. 

The players you see below under Watching are all serious contenders this week in my opinion. I made big money betting more on Spieth and feel the same bout Cantlay and Schauffele. Go with your gut on who you pick going into the week. 

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For Live Bets



Yeah, I know, even I find it hard to believe. We have by far the best record in the world handicapping golf. BTW, only 3 of those bets were live. All other wins were posted on Wednesday prior to the events on Twitter. You can't edit a post on Twitter, that's why I use it to post our picks as proof our record is legit. 

Our Record Thru 20 Weeks

We have only just begun though. Over the last 20 weeks we learned a lot about money management. 

My next post will feature The New Golf Bank we are launching this week. Same season, same picks, but a much smarter and more effective betting and money management system. 

ONLINE GOLF BANK WEEK 20 (The Masters Review)

It almost was - by far the greatest Masters ever - thanks to Jordan Spieth. Three stories just never played out in the end.

I believe he will win tourney and majors if he stays healthy. He was simply off his game this week and never factored. 

2. Rory
He got off to hot start on Sunday with a birdie on 1 and a very make able Eagle put on 2. It looked like Game On! But once hes missed the eagle put - he slowly faded down the leader board and was not a factor on the back 9.

3. Jordan
Hard to say this never played out - it was amazing. He started Sunday at (-5) 9 off the lead. He tied the Masters comeback score of 8 under and just fell short. The crazy part is that he missed 3 puts inside 10 feet on Sunday - 1 for Eagle!

Patrick Reed
Played 3 great days, shot just 1 under on Sunday and is real lucky not one came from behind to steal it.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018


If you just woke up from a coma - you may be surprised to learn that Tiger Woods is a favorite to win The Masters this week. Augusta National hosts the best field in golf every year. How is this year different? Almost every marque name is trending. 

(Tiger Woods) Coming back from "spinal fusion" has 2 recent top 10s, placed 5th in his last start and displayed the highest swing speed on tour this season 129 mph. Oh yeah, he also has more experience winning at Augusta than any player in the field. Two more than Phil with (5). They played a practice round together this week like old friends. "Nurse oxygen!

(Rory McIlroy) Dominated 3 weeks ago and has 4 top 10s in his last 4 events here. He is poised to make up for his horrific collapse on 13 and complete his quest to secure the Grand Slam this week. 

(Jordan Spieth) Still struggles with short puts - But - comes in hot with a recent 3rd and 3 top 4's in the last 3 yrs at Augusta. He looks to make up for his horrific collapse on 12.

(Justin Thomas) Has 7 wins in the last year & a half and a 4th 2 weeks ago.

(Justin Rose) Dominated in Europe all year, has a 3rd 3 weeks ago and "8" Top 20s at The Masters, including 4 Top 10s in the last 4 yrs. 

(Bubba Watson) was 50-1 a few months ago in a regular PGA event. He now has 3 Top 10s and 2 wins in his last 7 events. Currently 16-1 to win The Masters. 

(Phil Mickelson) has 4 Top 10s and a win coming in this week.

(Ian Poulter) woke from the dead recently with a win and a 5th in the last 2 weeks. 

(Matt Kuchar) has back to top 10s coming in and a 4th here last year. 

(Henrik Stenson) has 5 Top 20s here, a 6th and a 4th in the last 3 weeks. 

(Patrick Reed) has back to back Top 10s coming in.

In addition to those trending players - power house players like (Dustin Johnson) or (Jon Rahm) could show up and run away with the whole thing. 

I'm rooting for the great stories. Tiger, Rory, (Patrick Cantlay) overcoming tragedy to dawn a green jacket. (Xander Schauffele) repeating his Cinderella story at the Fedex Final.  (Alex Noren) breaking through for his first win. The list goes on. 

So, will it be the greatest Masters ever? You're not dreaming. Odds are it will.

-Rick Jansen

Sunday, April 1, 2018