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Golf Picks Tshwane 2014

Big on Hennie Otto, Oliver Fisher, Fichardt, Walters, Santos.
De Silva still leads in Stats 50-1. 
This Weeks Picks


Round 1

The Name Game
I know it's stupid, but if I see be a player and another has the same last name - I usually cover both. Have to start doing that again, Oliver Fisher +1, Ross Fisher -6. 
Well..Make that 4 Fishers in the Field. Fisher Jnr and Trevor Fisher too. The Biggest threat I belive is Trevor - whom I bet on several times last year. He was near the top at the end of round 1.

Long Way Home
This is the longest course on the Euro Tour. So, some of the favorites are off to a slow start. 
I did nt know that going in - but I just looked at Driving Distance Stats on Euro Tour, and none of the Top 15 are leading anyway. 

Darren Fichardt
One of our Top Picks and last years Runner Up - is in the Mix and I like his chances. 
BTW - Darren's Wife Natasha - looked on from the Gallery with Kate Aiken. Not a bad looking fan club.


Round 2

Darren Fichardt 
Good 2nd Round just 3 Off the Lead.
Chris Wood (-9) and Henne Otto (-7) will need some help from the Leaders to have a chance.
I still feel good about Fichardt's Consistency on this course and Staying Power through weekend. Trevor Fisher also very dangerous.



Coverage Continues on Golf Channel Saturday at 2:30 am (PST)

Our Boys Threatened
When Darren Fichardt sank his first birdie - he looked poised to make a run. However, he ran into a wall of Pars and Bogies he could not break through. He failed to make up ground and finished with a disappointing (-11)

Otto Henne Flew out of the Gate with 5 Birdies on the front 9. However, he too slowed on the back 9 to Finish 7 off the lead at (-11)

Ross Fisher's
Golf Swing looks harmless and unstable at best. With Fichardt and Henne in pursuit - it was only a matter of time before he slipped and gave up the lead. Or so I thought. He is 33rd in GIR but 85th in Drive Accuracy and 100th in Putting. So, he did not seem like much of a bargain at 25-1. He did not even play this course last year and only has 1 top 10 this year. 

Maybe he only has one Top 10 because he's been living in the caddy Shack at CopperLeaf - or so it seemed during today's round. He couldn't miss. Even when he was in trouble - out of one bunker - into another - the result was a birdie opportunity and a Par result. He was throwing darts. Almost Every Approach shot hit within 10 feet or less of the Pin. The Field is lucky he missed half those puts or he would have a 10 shot lead instead of 5. I paused his last hole after he went in the bunker on 18. They didn't show his up and down - just a Par Put form 8 feet. Of course he made it. He Leads at (-18).  Unless he is hit by falling Space Debris - or a Mental Collapse that would make Freud Gasp - looks like this one is over.

Current LeaderBoard


Final Round

Coverage Final Round- Golf Channel Sunday at 2:30 am (PST)

Sharp Shooters Give Chase
Ross Fisher's Obvious plan, with a 5 shot lead -  was to keep both hands on the Reins and Par his way home. He was only 1 Under after the Front 9 at (-19). A 2 Man Posse, consisting of Michael Hoey (-18) and Carlos Del Moral (-17) gave chase. They were both 5 Under for the day coming into the 12th Hole. The stage was set for one of them to bring Fisher in alive - if he pulled up lame - even on a few holes. All the Riders in the Hunt were Marksmen - shooting the eyes out of 10 of 11 Greens in Regulation. That was, until, Hoey, just one off Fisher -  pulled one in the water on 12. Hoey dropped to (-16) while Del Moral stayed hot on his trail,  2 Off at (-17)

By the 14th Hole - Fisher maintained a safe distance (-19). Henne Otto saddled up with Hoey at (-16) as he Rounded the 15th. A frustrated Dyson stayed back with the women and children at (-10). Carlos Del Moral fell in a gully and ran his chip put well past the hitching post. He fell back and joined them at (-16). Van Tonder joined chase after 16 (-16). Fisher continued to sharp shoot the greens - but his putter held him back and he stayed (-19) 3 Up after 13.
On 15 - Del Moral gained a little ground (-17) 2 Off again. Van Tonder joined him late on 18.
Fisher's pulled out his long rifle and hit his 2nd shot on the Par 5 15th Green. He rested his horses there with an Eagle put (-21). Hoey, Van Tonder and Del Moral were left kicking the dirt at (-17). They pulled the corn mash from their Saddle bags and shot wildly at Tin Cans and Squirrels after that. Hoey and Van Tonder were the best of the bunch at (-17). Fisher rode off into the Sunset (-20). You could hear him whistling in the distance as he headed for Mexico.

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