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There were no Odds worth Betting on this Years Inaugural EurAsia Cup. So I skipped this it. 
But Wow! Europe Crushed Asian until the Last Round. Then they Tied it up with 2 Holes to Go! If this were the Ryder Cup - it would have been one of the best in History.

Some Rowdy Fans Were Hollering - Whooping it Up Every time Asia Did Well.
Not Sure Who They were - Sounded American. Made it Fun. Reserved Asian Players Looking back Smiling in Surprise.

On 17 
Tanihara  Concedes 3 footer - Leaving him a Must make 7 Foot Put- He Sinks it to Extend the Match

It came down to the 18th Hole
Tanihara vs Castano. 

On 18 

Tee Shots:
Castano Pushed Right Rough
Tanihara Fairway

Approach Shots:
Castano 30 feet Right of Pin on Green
Tanihara 15 feet Right Just on the Fringe 

3rd Shot Puts:
Castano Breaks hard Left 4 Feet
Tanihara Taps it - It runs Hard Left too - About 2 Feet

4th Shot Puts:
Castano KNown for Missing Clutch Puts - Pushes it In!
Tanihara (Conceded)


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Wanna Get in Shape for Summer?

I start my workout program Monday - to get in shape for summer. I'm posting my first Easy - at Home Workout on JansenHealth this weekend. It requires No Equipment and can be done by pretty much anyone in the comfort of your home. I'll also be posting some advanced sports specific workouts for Boxing, Football, Beach Volleyball and Golf - soon - once I get my fat ass in shape a little.  

Join Us?

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Golf Picks Valero Texas Open

Article - Spieth Comes Home

Finishes at Valero 
Last 11 Years
2002 (02) Thru 2013 (13)
In Order of Last Years Finish
(L3) Last 3 years


Narrow Fairways surrounded by trees and hazards. Need Good Drive accuracy and Scrambling this week. Good Putting will be required as well.
Zach Johnson
Won here  twice -  in 08 and 09 then MC and hasn't  played Valero since. Btt his stats are off the Hook - and set up real well for this course - #3 in Drive Accuracy - (see PR above). 

Jordan Spieth
Is back at Home in Texas this week after a week off to prepare. He missed the cut last year and 44th the year before. Sticking with him for a while longer. 

Freddie Jacobson
The "Junk Man" can scramble with the best of them and has a good record at Valero. 
3 Top 5s and an 18th in the last 4 years. He is also trending right now - finishing 10th and 20th in the last 2 PGA events. 

Summerhays Daniel 
Is on the sheet again and was 7th last year - Like him at 80-1 LVH. 

Brain Davis
Ranked 5th in Power Ranking But was not on the sheet. Really sucks as 1st time winners are a tradition at Valero. 

Odds (Good Longshots)

WH LVH Player
15 15 Mickelson Phil
15 15 Kuchar Matt
18 15 Johnson Zach
18 18 Spieth Jordan
20 18 Walker Jimmy
22 22 Furyk Jim
28 25 Palmer Ryan
25 25 Hoffman Charley
30 25 Jacobson Freddie
30 30 Steele Brendan
35 30 Kokrak Jason
40 40 Na Kevin
35 30 Horschel Billy
30 40 Hadley Chesson
35 40 MacKenzie Will
50 40 Chappell Kevin
50 40 Laird Martin
40 50 Choi K.J.
40 50 Senden John
50 50 Perez Pat
50 50 Tringale Cameron
75 50 Baddeley Aaron
50 60 Els Ernie
50 60 Knox Russell
50 60 Holmes J.B.
50 60 Ishikawa Ryo
60 60 Koepka Brooks
60 60 Guthrie Luke
60 60 Molder Bryce
100 60 Pettersson Carl
60 80 Harman Brian
60 80 Leonard Justin
75 80 de Jonge Brendon
75 80 Uihlein Peter
75 80 Noh Seung-Yul
100 80 Hoffmann Morgan
100 80 Langley Scott
75 80 Summerhays Daniel
75 80 Colsaerts Nicolas
100 100 Harrington Padraig
125 100 Grace Branden
100 100 Villegas Camilo
100 100 Flores Martin
75 100 Huh John
NA 125 Lee Danny
125 125 Goosen Retief
NA 125 Toms David
NA 125 Immelman Trevor
NA 150 Ogilvy Geoff

PLaying for a Masters Invite:
Chesson Hadley
Ryan Palmer
Peter Uihlein
Charles Howell III
Ryo Ishikawa
Brooks Koepka
Kevin Na

Round 1

Our Power Ranks 
Storm the First Page of Leaderboard!
144 Players in The Field
1st and 2nd / 3 Tied for 4th

Jordan Spieth In Trouble!
He Bogied 6 of the first 9 Holes (+6). He will need a strong 2nd 9 to keep his hopes alive for a chance to compete this weekend  He Birdied 1 (played the back nine first). 5 Over through 12 Holes. 6 to go?
The Comeback KId
Does it again. 6 over heading into the last 9 holes. With the leaders at just around -3.  So he didn't try to get it all back in 9 holes. But he got half - Finishing at just (+3).  
If he shoots well tomorrow - could be just 2 or 3 off the lead by Saturday. 

Phil Mickelson
Said coming in "He's just practicing to win another Major at the Masters."
What an Ego!  Bet he felt pretty good - several strokes ahead of Spieth on the front 9. 
That didn't last. He was 3 Over by the Final Hole. He had a 2 footer for Bogey.
He missed even that Tap In - to Finish 2 behind Spieth (+5). 
Maybe you're just practicing, Period, Phil.


Round 2

4 Power Ranks on the First Page!

Perez and McKenzie 
Put on a Clinic - Sticking One Approach shot after another. It was Fun to Watch for once this year  Real Golf!  What a deal. They were both at (-7) but each fell several strokes by the end of the Round. Unfortunately they - like the rest of the field - watched great shots bounce off or roll down the undulating greens. When will the PGA realize that's not want we want to see?
Luck of The Draw
Jordan Spieth drew the short straw in Tee Times this week. Fog, Delay, Wind and Rain first Round. High Winds and Dry Greens the 2nd. Early Late Tee Time had a great advantage. JOrdan did well to survive into the weekend. 6 Over after Friday. He's just (+1) going into Saturday. Mickelson was lucky to makes it at (3+) - Right on the Cut Line.

House of Cards
The Leaderboard has 4 untested and unfamiliar faces on top. 4 Players with multiple Top 10s are right behind them. Look for a new set of leaders by the Final 9 Holes on Sunday.


Round 3


Bowditch (-11)
Holes 2 Chips on his 1st 2 Holes -  to Extend his Lead! 
Seems like a good nice, humble guy - too bad I have to root against him.
Jordan Spieth
Making a move. 3 Under on front 9 (-2) It would be Miraculous if he came back to steal this one after a 6 Over Start on Friday.  He will need the Leaders to Finish  around (-10) Today - to have a chance. So Yell "Shank! When the Leaders Tee Off.

Our Power Ranks
Kuchar / Perez and Na still on the First Page 3 and 4 back.


Get Off My Leaderbord!
Until Collins pushed one down - 6 of 8 Names on the First Page were Power Ranks. If the Leader falls - we are ready to Steal This!
Life's Ups and Downs
Have been hard on Steven Bowditch. Over 100 Starts - Only 2 Top10s in his Career. 
UP and Downs were his specialty Yesterday. He Missed 11 Fairways and still shot 4 Under. 

The Pictures Below illustrate just one of many fantastic saves that kept him on Top.


With 3 Rounds in the 60s - He is due for one bad one. 
That would the Final Round Make this Anyone's Game. 
We'll see?


Final Round


You can only do This so many times
Before it Bites you in the Ass 
Ball Rolls Past Green Into Bunker
Double Bogey!

Bowditch In Trouble
He Dropped 3 Strokes on the First 4 Holes. Tied with Power Rank - Matt Kuchar for First (-9)
Leaders have Stalled
Around 8 and 9 Under on Front Nine

Bowditch Leading (-10) After 5
Continues to Take the Scenic Route

RESULT Bogey (-9)

Jordan Spieth
(-5) After 9 - Needs the Leaders to Stall and about 5 More Birdies - would be a Miracle?
He just Missed a 12 footer on 8 and then This Chip (Below) by half an inch! Those 2 missed Birdies would have put him just 2 back. He'll need to Light up the back 9 and Hope the Trouble at the Top Continues. 

Loupe Falls 
Out of the Race with a Double Bogie on 7 (-5). Bowditch (-9) Spinning his Wheels as well.
Kuchar Failing to Take Advantage. SummerHayes (-7) and McKenzie (-6) Gaining Ground.


Spieth Not Immune
Drops a shot on 11 (-4) . 7 Holes Left - Not Looking good.

Loupe (-5) On The Clock
For slow Play. In the Bunker on 8. Went over allotted time (50 Sec) this Hole (56 Sec). 
Received Warning - next Violation =  Penalty 1 Stroke.   

Just Missed and Easy 3 footer for Bogey to Fall Out of Sole 3rd. (-6)


Losing  his Cool on 11th - From Bunker to Rough and then Whifs is Chip only 12 feet onto Fringe. Drops 2 shot to (-4) 

Sole 1st (-9)

3 Puts 10 - Dropping to 2nd (-8) 
Drops Another on 11 (-7)

OK - Off the Rock - Into Official - Back onto Rough. Better Lucky than Good Sometimes. 
That Probably Just Saved him The Lead



That Far from Being Over!
With a 2 Shot Lead - And Just 7 Holes Left - 
Bowditch (-9) Puts for Birdie and it Stops a half turn from Going In. 

Bowditch (-9) After 12
Kuchar (-7) After 12.  

Bowditch Lips Out on a 5 Foot Put (-8) After 12.  
Kuchar (-7) After 12.   

Summerhayes Birdie! (-7) After 14.  
In Trouble on 15 Long Par Put?

Long Birdie Put!  (-7) After 17.  

Bowditch BIRDIE! (-9) After 14
Kuchar BOGIE! (-6) After 14.  


Summerhayes Bogey! (-6) After 15.  
Come On Dan! I Got $800 if this guy wins. $10 @ 80-1
Sticks Approach on 16 Inside 10 Feet! Birdie! (-7)

Bowditch PAR (-9) After 15 

Bowditch Laying Low 
Waiting to Tee Off on 16 

Bowditch (-9) Hits Another Human on 16 as He Pushes it Right into Stadium Gallery.
I Swear - Hitting People has saved him 3 or 4 shots today. 
Don't Swing till you see the Whites of their eyes?
Loupe (-6) Tees off behind him - Hits the same Crowd.
Kuchar (-6) Tees off behind him - Hits the same Crowd.

The Sponsors will have "Helmet Day" on Sunday next year. 
Bobby Jones just rolled over in his grave. 

Leader In The Clubhouse (-7)

Sticks Difficult Approach on 17!

Loupe (-6) Great chip inside 4 feet Par - (-6)
Bowditch (-9) Sticks another chip shot from the Rough inside 3 feet Par - (-9)  
Kuchar (-6) Great chip inside 3 feet Par - (-6)

OMG! Put Lips out on 17! PAR
Well, that's what I mean - Makes Golf exciting when you have $800 Riding on a Put.
Nicer when they make it though. (-7) After 17.

(-9) On 17th - Spectator Yells during his Backswing. Stops Resets.
Pushes it Right! Through Cart Path into Dirt. 
Another Good Save - On the Green 35 Feet for Birdie? 
(2 Shot Lead) Should be Easy 2 Put unless he get the "Yips".

On PAR 5 18th - Tee Shot - Fairway on 18
Shot 2 - Lays up - Wouldn't be my Call - 2 back on Last Hole. 
Even if He Birdies - Bowditch has the same Par 5 Next.
If the leader Finishes Par / Par He's can't win. Well See?

On PAR 4 17th Birdie Put - Inside 2 Feet. PAR (-9)

Summerhayes On PAR 5 18th 
3rd shot - Short of Pin by 40 feet. Laid up too Far Back - Bad Move!
4th Shot - 40 foot Put misses by an Inch - 3 Feet Past. PAR (-7)


Leader In The Clubhouse (-7)
Leader In The Clubhouse (-7)
Kuchar and Loupe 
(-6) on 18th with Bowditch
On the Tee - PAR 5 18th 
6 Shots to Win. 
PUSHES IT WAY LEFT! Left of Rough in cabbage just short of desert.  

Shot 2  


Lands In the Fairway

Oh Great, They just explained the guy has suffered from depression for years
Now I can't even yell shank. For real. Feel bad Rooting against him. If he blows this - can't be good for depression. 

Well, He just landed on the Green with his 3rd shot. So unless he 4 puts from 50 feet - he's safe. I - on the other hand - may Buy a Gun and Slit My Wrist. 2 Power Ranks in the Clubhouse with the lead. Hey - Good for him. Not Over yet though. Kuchar still has an Approach shot for Eagle from a crap lie in the Rough - OK pretty Much Over. 
WOW! Kuchar almost hits the Pin! But bounces off green into Rough. 

Bowditch Puts to Inside 3 Feet. WOW! Lips Out! Pushes in. 

Bowditch Wins 
Good for Him!

2ND / 3RD / 4TH AND 6TH 

Jordan Spieth 
Had Every Chance to Come back and win This
But Just Out of Steam after Overcoming 6 Over Friday
He Will Be Very Dangerous Next Week
Still Had Time For Fans After Losing
Class Act


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Golf Picks BayHill 2014

Matt Every Wins! 

Power Ranks Pay Off
1st (Every)
and 2nd Place (Bradley)


Here Are My Picks
Feeling Good This Week!
Maybe I'm Dellusional
But Think We Covered a Good
Cross Section of The Field
Tiger Woods Out - WD Back Spasms!
Adam Scott @12-1 Played Twice - Last 8 Years - 2 MC
Justin Rose Solid Favorite
Low Odds But Have to Cover Him

Experience Counts
Watching Last nights replay of last year - I didn't see anyone sticking Approach shots within 6 feet. Not because they can't - because they wont even try. These greens have undulation, slopes and run offs surrounded by water or hazards. 

Experience at this course wil be at a Premium. You have to know where to place the ball. So, I did not bet Bombers or Young Guns this week. 
Solid Putting should be the Key to Victory this week. 

Kevin Na may let me down this week. But he was 2nd last week Putting extremely well under pressure. He has 4 top 10s this year without a Win and 2 Top 10s at BayHill - a 4th and a 2nd. 
Good value at 40-1.

Power Ranks 
The 10-13 Column 
is a Rank of Finishes Last 4 Years.


Round 1

Merrick Finished (-7) T2

Adam Scott (-10)
I did not even include Scott as the Power Ranks. I was wrong in saying he had Never played Bayhill - but not by much. He has played 5 times. But - only Twice in the last 8 years Missing the Cut both Times. So, how did he do it? Long Eagle Puts on the Par 5s.  He did hit the Fairways and Greens and had only 23 Puts in his Round. PGA Avg - 29. The guy is for real - he has  8 or 9 Rounds at 62 or below in his career. Like Garrigus last week - he scored on par 5s. Like Garrigus last week - He is faced with the challenge of holding an 18 shot lead through 72 Holes?

The Parties Over.
As I Predicted - No one was Pin hunting on Thursday, Putting was the name of the game yesterday. Round One featured a Record number Long Puts - and I mean Long! 4 over 50 feet Several over 70 feet. Mr Palmer won't let that continue. The kids threw a party with the parents out of town. Daddy 's Home Now and he's Pissed. Look for Arnie to Turn Off the Sprinklers and Hide the Pins.

Ryo Ishakawa (125-1) - 2nd Place (-7)
After I missed Senden last wek at (100-1) - If Ryo wins this week - I may stab myself in the leg with a fork. Didn't take my own advice - Look at the bottom of the bet sheet and cover the longshots this year. Better than Geico - $5 could make you $500. $625 in the case of Ishakawa. 

Will the Stats Prevail?
I leaned on stats this week and still feel good about the Picks. The greens were soft and they were still barley staying on the green. Thus the Long Puts. Not saying Scott Wont be there - just saying it ain't over yet. By Saturday Night - I expect to see some of Our Power Ranks on the First Page of the Leaderboard.

Bubba Huey (WD) Allergic to Embarrassment 
Stupid is what Stupid Does. 3 "Tin Cup" Style water shots were a new low for the Man-child. 
At least in Tin Cup he was aiming at the Pin - not the fairway.  After a 7 on the front 9 18th, an 11 on the Back 9 6th hole - was all Watson's Enormous Ego could take.  He withdrew after the Round due to "Allergies". The Pollen count is high - but not as high as his blood pressure. I think the actual medical term for this disorder is Acute Cerebral Deflation.


Round 2

Adam Scott - Just Better
than the rest of the field. Like Garrigus last week - he is scoring on Par 5s and holds a 36 Hole Lead. Unlike Garrigus - he is hitting damn near every Fairway and Green and Knows how to close. With a 7 Shot lead - if he only shoots 2 Under both of the next 2 days - The 3 players in 2nd will have to shoot better than 11 under on the weekend just to tie him. This one may be over before the weekend starts. Bayhill does NOT have a history of players shooting low and coming from behind - against even a 4 shot lead. But 2 days left and anything can happen. 


Round 3

Power Ranks Storm the Leaderboard!

(T2) Keegan Bradley(-12), Every(-11) and Molinari (-10) on the First Page. Another 3 Challenged the Lead and fell back late in the round to the 2nd page. Win or Not - Our Power Ranks have shown up Strong this week. Scott (-15) stumbled a  bit in Round 3 - opening the door a crack. He now has just a 3 shot lead over Bradley. Everyone has one bad round in a 4 day stretch. Cant really call 1 Under a bad round. So, it Remains to be seen if today was it - or if we'll see a bad round out of Adam Scott - and  Fireworks tomorrow


Final Round

Patrick Reed T-15 Well off the Lead
A week ago Twitter blew up after Patrick Reed boasted that he is "A Top 5 Player". Self confidence is great in your own head - But patting yourself on the back in public like that is classless and just plain stupid. 

As Patrick Reed warmed up on the practice range today  - Todd Lewis made the point that his Top 5 comment will bite him in the ass eventually.

Raymond Floyd pulled a similar stunt prior to a Ryder Cup - Calling his team "The best 12 players in the world". He was handed his ass by a European Team that didn't care much for his comment.  More 

Can't help but think of Susie Green on Curb your enthusiasm - calling her husband a "Fat...F..k ever time I see his face. 

Kevin Na
On Friday, Ugly hecklers in the gallery harassed Kevin Na to the point that he asked officials to intervene.  Fellow players said the verbal onslaught was the worst they'd ever heard. Na suffers from an emotional or mental weakness that causes him to hesitate, almost panic on the the Tee at times. The condition has caused him to be put on the closk and timed by officials on several occasions - including Thursday - during Round 1. 

His fans and friends took things into their own hands on Saturday. They followed in the gallery wearing printed T-shirts "Kevin NA - Worth the Wait" - to show their support. Way to go Guys!

Heroes and Villains
Neither one is really either. But that's what makes watching the PGA fun. Gotta have players you hate and those you love. Makes screaming at the TV way more fun.
Final Round
It's Really up to Adam Scott whether or not we have a thrilling finish today.  If he stalls or drops a few strokes - a Feeding Frenzy will ensue. If he shoots 3 or 4 Under - he'll cruise to an easy win and the final will just be a formality.  

Scott (-13) 
Misses 5 footer on 1st for - Bogey.
In the water on the 2nd hole - Bogey. 
Cold get real interesting! 
Our Picks:
T2 Every (-12)
T3 Molinari (-10)
Bradley 3 Bogies - On 1st  2 holes (-9) 

Leader Scott (-14) 
T2 Every (-12)  Made clutch par Put on 5th
T2  Kokrak Chips from Bunker (-12) Turns Bogey to Birdie on 6 with a great up and down.
3rd Bradley coming back (-11) 
T4 Hadley Moves to (-10) 
Molinari Drops to (-9)

Leader Scott (-13) Plugged in Bunker on 7!. Leaves Chip 20 feet Short! Bogey!
T2  Kokrak (-12) From Fringe Bunker - chips to within 2 Feet for Par.
T2 Every (-12). From Bunker - chips to 10 feet past for Par? Bogey!
T3 Every (-11). x
T3 Bradley (-11)
Leader Scott. Approach  Bunker on 8th. Chip within 5 Feet. Par
Bradley. Approach  in Rough on 8th. Chip within 5 Feet. Par
Kokrak (7th) Tee Shot in the Rough. Approach In the Bunker. Chip inside a Foot! Par.
Every (7th) Tee Shot - out of bounds - on cart path - runs down path to just in-bounds!
Approach On the Green -  inside 16 feet. SINKS THE PUT! 

Leader Scott. (-13)
Tee shot in Gallery Rough. Approach Thru green onto Fringe up against Rough. Chip to within a foot for Tap in Par.
T2 Every (-12)  20 Foot Birdie Put - MAKES PUT TO TIE THE LEAD!.
T2 Kokrak (-12)
3rd Bradley. (-11)
Tee shot just 10 yards in from Scott in Rough. Approach bounces off Fringe on Green inside - about 25 feet from Pin. Put Past Pin left 3 Feet. Puts for Par


T1 Scott. (-13)
Par 4 Fairway. Approach next to Pin - but Bounces 25 ft Past PIn. Misses Put - Tap in for Par 
T1 Every (-13)  
Par 4 Fairway. Approach Hole High 25 feet.ft for Birdie? Misses - Tap in for Par
3RD Kokrak (-12)
4TH Bradley. (-11)

Ha Ha! Mr. Top 5 - Patrick Reed (-1) and Now hes in the Water!
Shouldn't he be at Least T5? Double Bogie! (+1)
BTW - Who the Hell does he think he is - wearing Red on Sunday?  
Not Worthy of Carrying Woods Luggage.

T1 Scott. (-13) Par 4 11th 
Approach  within 15 feet. Misses Birdie by a foot for Tap in Par. 
T1 Every. (-13) Par 5 11th ( Par 5! chance for Birdie?)
Tee Shot Right Rough - sitting up - kind of. 3rd Shot from Fairway Fringe 93 yds?

LEADER Every. (-14) Par 4 13th
Tee shot Fairway. Approach Hole High 20 ft. MAKES THE LONG BIRDIE PUT!
2ND Scott (-13) Par 5 12th ( Par 5! chance for Birdie ? )
Tee shot edge of 2nd cut. 2nd shot  Lay up Fairway. Long Birdie Put 2 feet short.
3RD Kokrak (-12) Par 4 13th
Tee shot Fairway. Approach at the Pin - Bounces to inside 12 feet. Misses Birdie Put Par.

LEADER Every. (-15) Short Par 3 14th 203 yds
Tee shot - Fringe 40 ft from Pin. Birdie Put - up the ridge - inside 1 foot. Par!
2ND Scott (-13) Par 4 13th
Tee shot - Inside 20 ft.
3RD Kokrak (-12) Short Par 3 14th 203 yds
Tee shot - In the Bunker. 2nd - in the Rough - 3rd - about 2 ft for Bogey. Bogey (-11)

LEADER Every. (-15) Par 4 15th 481 yds
Tee shot little shot but in Fairway. Approach. Carries Greenside Bunker onto green
Will have 50 ft Put for Birdie.  Perefect line 2 ft short for Tap in Par. 
2ND Scott (-13) Short Par 3 14th 203 yds
Tee shot 50 ft Short of green in fairway. Birdie Put from fringe 8 ft Long.Bogie!

LEADER Every. (-15)  Par 5 16th 501 yds
2nd Shot in Flat Sand below a Large Root Has a Shot left of a Tree. 
139yds to flag in distance - Pin just inside the waters edge. 
Caddie suggests Lay up - Play it safe and just give 1 shot back.
Every says it's a par 5 - that's like giving up 2 shots. Scott is 1 hole behind him in the Final Pairing- still has this Par 5 to play. 
Ha Ha - They are laughing now - good sign I hope. Caddy says put it in the F-ing Fairway and up and down 75% of the F-ing Time for par. Shot 3 in the Fairway 96 yds back.
Shot 4 Aiming past Pin to avoid water front of Pin. Backboard behind Pin - looking for No Spin and ball to roll back to Pin. Land left of Backboard - stops 20 ft away for Par? 
Hope Scott brought a magazine - this took a while LOL
Shot 5  3 FEET LEFT FOR BOGEY! Pushes in for Bogey (-14) 
2ND Scott (-12) Par 4 15th 481 yds
Tee shot Fairway.. At the Pin short -roll down off the elevated green 45 ft  left of Pin. 
Chips onto Green within 15ft for Par. Huge Par to stay 2 back (-13).  

LEADER Every. (-14) 17th Short Par 3 - 210 yds. 
2ND SHOT For Birdie From the Bunker - OMG! HITS THE PIN ALMOST IN!
Should have Gone in - Par (-14) 

2ND Scott (-12) Par 5 16th 501 yds
Tee shot Fairway..APPROACH INSIDE 20 FEET!
Misses Long Eagle Put. 3 Foot for Birdie to Tie the Lead?
Misses - Par! 


LEADER Every (-14)  Par 4 18th  463 yds
Waiting for Kokrak.
Tee shot Left Fairway. 
Approach - 175 yds Across the Water? Narrow Green - Water Front - Bunker Behind. 
OOH NO! - HITS EDGE OF GREEN INTO ROUGH! Hes Laughing. Good Sign - I Hope.
Chips from Rough about 3.5 Feet from Pin for Par?  
Biggest Put of his Life Coming Up!
2ND Scott (-12) 17th Short Par 3 - 210 yds
2nd Shot From Bunker - inside 7 Feet for Par?

LEADER Every (-13) Clubhouse

2ND Bradly (-12) Par 4 18th  463 yds
Tee shot Fairway. 
Approach - on the Green - 40 feet fro Pin. 
Put to Tie and Force Playoff Coming! 
Misses Just Left!

WINNER Every (-13) 
Tears in his eyes during Victory interview.  Voice Cracking.
He Deserved a Win. Good for Him!  

 Matt Every Wins!
Power Ranks Pay Off
1st (Every)
and 2nd Place (Bradley)

Final Leaderboard