Monday, March 17, 2014

PGA 2014 Review

Tournaments this year - require as much luck as talent. 
In 2014 - Tournaments are not won by two guys shooting lights out and fighting each other for a win on Sunday. Instead - it's who has 1 good day on a weekend when the best players in the world shoot over par all weekend. Or they win with a long put, or lucky chip shot on Sunday.
This weekend was no different. The lead on Thursday was (-3). (-4) almost won it. Pathetic!
Get it together PGA - We want to see Scoring!  That's why you don't see NFL Films on TDs not scored. It's about balance. We don't have to see 28 under - but if they are fighting to shoot 5 under for the lead - on Sunday - something is terribly wrong. when perfect approach shots hit 3 feet from the Pin and bounce 15 feet past the hole - it does not reward good play.

Shooting for the Sky 
Scores this year - on the Final Leader Boards are 5 to 10 strokes Higher than last year.  
-19 has become -9. 

They All Want an Open?
I really seems like every course is competing to see who can set the most difficult Pin placements and present the players with the most difficult course. Have they forgotten that these course are PGA Venues that each present theri own challenge to begin with? The Bear Trap, The Snake Pit, etc.

Forgotten History
Historically - in the 30s and 40s - Pros skipped difficult and or seaside venues. The names of legends had no interest on playing what we now know as the British Open. The couldn't pay them to travel there. The same was true for coastal courses here in the US and abraod. Crappy weather - Fiscue, Bunkers big enough to protect infantry men. Where do I sign? If you told Hagen or Bobby Jones a great approach shot would not be rewarded - they tell you call them after the tourney and to them know how that worked out. LOL.

The Open Factor
So, how did the PGA and USGA get the Pros to play on course bordering on ridiculous? 
They started calling them Opens and Majors. If you want to be called the best in the world you have to play. So ego, even more than Money,  got them to play. Strange but True!

Climate Change?
This year it is not just the Seaside venues that have left the best player in the world 6 over on Sunday. One factor that has effected most tourneys this year is Wind. How does that effect a tourney? First it effect the accuracy and direction of Tee and approach shots. Two - it dries out the greens making them firmer. That;s why great approach shot bounce right off. In some cases it blew so hard it aactually moved balls on the green and stopped play. 

Summer Could Be Brutal
If the winds continue to blow - imagine what summer will bring. Add 90 degree heat to the equation and you may see wining scores near Par. the Dryer the Higher when it comes to scoring. 

How to Bet?
In these conditions you might want to use different stats. It reminds me a lot of the middle of last years NFL season. Stats were not working. I devised a new scoring algorithm that did work better than ever. I'll need to make some adjustments for the PGA as well. Garrigus taught me something this week - even though he didn't win. His Put stats were terrible so that wouldn't have helped this week. Not saying I have the answer yet - But here you Go:

He Drove it Hella long. Drive Distance
He got up and down after errant Tee and Approach shots. Scrambling
Putted Great. Strokes gained Putting

I will use those stats next time these conditions present themselves.  

Advice to the PGA
In the meantime - I hope the PGA will water down the greens and present easier Pin Placements when conditions are already unusually difficult. Unless they want to compete with Soccer and Hockey for the most watched scoreless sports - they better remember us spoiled Americans want to see scoring.

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