Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Golf Picks Investec South Africa Euro PGA

Strategy Worked!
See Below


Good News - Bad News This Week. 
Bad News is - the Usual Suspects are at Crappy Low Odds
Good News is - Great Value on a Few Gerat Players
I'm Throwing $60 to Make $300-$375
Still Better Odds than NFL

De Silva Not Really a Favorite
Just can't Stop Betting the Guy
Once I Started - LOL 
Who Knows - May Pay Off Eventually ?

 Full Odds

For Some Reason Golf Channel is Not Covering this Tourney.
Euro PGA doesn't even show the Leaderboard. 
You can Follow the LeaderBoard Here


Round 2
Not Sure Coetzee will close. Trevor Fisher and Justin Walters giving chase (T5).
Not Surprised De Silva is Pulling up the Rear Again. (T17).
Disappointed in Oliver Fisher's Performance so Far (T18). 


Round 3

 Our Pick - Trevor Fisher
 1 Stroke Off the Lead
1 Round to Go!

Coetzee (-11) Leads Trevor Fisher (-10)  by just One Stroke 
Heading into the Final Round. 
Go Trevor! ____________________________________

Final Round

Coetzee stalled at (-11). Horne Passed him to Finish (-12). 
Then Trevor Fisher Tore it up and Stole the Damn Whole thing (-16)

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