Sunday, June 21, 2015


Closest Pursuers (-1)

Dustin Johnson (-4)
has a clear advantage physically. His length gave him two looks at Eagle yesterday. Had he converted those - he would have a 4 shot lead. Just 1 eagle today, with a bogey free round  could win it for him. However, mentally, he is not my top pick. He has 0 wins in 7 attempts on the first page of the leaderboard in a Major. Playing in the final paring with crowd favorite Jason Day won't make things any easier.

Jason Day (-4)
Was a better pick than I realized. Capping Chambers was tough, no courses compare to it. 
So I used the 2010 amateur there and last years British Open. Had I used recent Open Championships - he would have been a top pick with 2 runner ups. Day too has failed to convert top 5s into wins in Majors - 0 for 6. But the 2 runners up cancel that out and make him dangerous if he can endure.

Brandon Grace (-4)
Scares the Sh*t out of me. He was on my Best Longshots List pregame.
I didn't bet him because he was 77th in Recent Finishes, not having played for 3 weeks. He was T39 a the British last year and is 6 for 6 winning with a lead or as co-leader on Sunday.

Jordan Spieth(-4)
Scares the Sh*t out of me too, for different reasons. Coordination comes from repetition. A pros putting mechanics should be so ingrained into muscle memory - they could sleep-put 5 footers. Looking at the hole on puts that length have cost him big. Now he is vacillating between looking at the ball or hole. Logic argues, if you look at the ball on all the other puts, don't change on the short ones. Keep your eye on the ball Jordan.

The strong points for Jordan are that he has a Major in the bag and does not seem rattled by the prospect of winning or losing another. Jeez, the buzz of winning the Masters hasn't even worn off yet. The ability of Spieth and Greller to unlock courses they have never even played is uncanny. They may have Chambers figured out by Sunday Morning. They need to follow yesterdays original game plan. If he is patient on the front, and I mean patient! - goal - par or 1 under - don't get hungry - He can win down the stretch on the back. 

Good Miss
Missing that birdie yesterday on 18 - may be a godsend for Jordan. Had he made it - he would have to play the villain vs Jason Day, surrounded by what I'm sure will be Jason's gallery. Good luck with that DJ.

Pinching Myself
I can't tell you what it is like, as a fan, to find this unknown kid in the stats 4 years ago and tell everyone he will be great. The media jumped on the bandwagon for a minute - then after a winless year - they ditched him. Cant close, not long enough. Now, to see him become one of the most famous athletes on the planet - it's priceless.

The Masters win was almost surreal. If he wins the US Open in the same year, I may have to throw ice water in my face to make sure I'm not dreaming all of this. 

- Rick Jansen

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