Sunday, June 21, 2015


The Fire isn't Out Yet
After wasting 4 hours, watching absolutely nothing of any consequence - the leaders tee'd off.

DJ and Grace were in first gear, holding at (-4).  

On his first hole, Spieth had a key par put around 5 feet. I watched with great anticipation  to see if he would look at the hole and miss it. He didn't do either. Whew!

On his 2nd hole, Jordan had a 37 footer for birdie. I remembered him saying he would play it safe on the treacherous front 9 and take advantage of scoring op's on the back. "OK Jordan, don't cook it, just get it close". BAM! He drained it. 

On his 3rd hole, Jordan had a 40 footer, "OK, no bogies, play it safe, nice and tight". Moments later, it dropped for another birdie. Announcer; "You gotta be kidding me!

Jordan likes his Martini's dry. Golf courses I mean. In Australia he destroyed a world class field on rock hard greens in high winds. A week later in the US - he beat the worlds best like misbehaving children by 10 strokes. It was happening again. At least it looked that way. At (-7) he had a 3 shot lead in the US Open. Jordan Spieth would become a subplot on Saturday. 

Jason Day was a sympathetic casualty early on. I didn't bet him because I knew he had been suffering from lack of energy. As we all found out after his collapse on Friday - he was also suffering from Vertigo. After a few bogies on the front nine, he was yesterdays news on the leaderboard.

Late in the Round
The leaders were also in danger of becoming yesterdays news. They all fell back to (-4). Then it got interesting. The cameras turned  to a warehouse fire raging out of control. When they returned Jason day drained 15 foot put to pull within 1 of the lead.

The Roar from the Crowd was so loud - it shocked Day. He looked back at the bleachers disoriented, as if to say "What was that?  The fire wasn't out yet. He stuck his approach on 18 -  inside 10 feet and drained that to tie the lead. He almost withdrew 3 times yesterday, but there was just enough fire burning inside him to continue.
Day Saves the Open
The novelty of this bowl shaped course may have worn thin. The final day of the US Open could have been delegated to "watch it later" DVR programing. Instead, the world will be watching "live" to see if a player - barely able to walk  - can make it through another 18 holes, and possibly win the US Open. I won't make a dime if he can, but still kind of hope he does.

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