Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Golf Picks Zurich 2014


Fowler - Must Cover (20-1) - Top 10 Last Year Playing Well Now. 
Ben Martin - 3rd Last Week - Value at 100-1 
Also SummerHayes at 60-1
Garriguus is Due at 100-1 as well
Danny Lee Worth $5 at 150-1
Lotta Great Value this Week
(See Above) 


Round 1



Round 2


He Dropped 3 Strokes at the end of his 1st  9 Holes
But Bounced back NIce on the last Nine. 
Lets hope the Worst is Out of the Way
BUT - Hard to Hold the Lead for 4 Rounds.
Lot's of Tourney left. 


Round 3


Lose the Lead - Have an Ice Cream
"I Admire the Style of it."
Better than Freaking out.
Reminds Me of the Soda Pop Kid

On Bended Knee
 His knees are so bent in his Putting Stance - 
Don't know how he can get any consistency.
He didn't Today - Missing  4 or 5 Make-able Puts. 
You cant hold the Hold your knees stable for any period of time -
- in a Squatted Position
You will Lift or Drop during the Put.
He did fine the first 2 days.
Hope I'm Wrong - We'll see?

7 Shot Swing
  A 3 Shot Lead has Tumbled into a 4 Shot Deficit.
He didn't Play Badly (+1).
1 Bad Round Expected
However, The Field Shot Low.
Noh has Stolen the Lead.
Now Noh will have to Stall for Ben to have a Chance.
Does Martin Have Another 7 or 8 Under Day in Him?
Does Noh?
Or Bradley?
 We'll See Tomorrow.


Final Round

Winds of 25 MPH are Expected Today.
That should keep the Scoring to a Minimum.
2 Days with Low scores could give Martin (4 Back) confidence in the wind.
The Leaders could Stall?
CAUTION: They said the same thing last week and the wind played no factor.
Keegan Bradley (2 Back)
was on Fire Yesterday and way overdue for a win. 

Noh (2 Shot Lead)
Was 100% Scrambling Yesterday.
If they miss Fairways in the Wind - Up and Downs will be Huge. 
He is Looking for his 1st win - so Nerves will play a Part.
He is Playing for The Victims of the Ferry Boat Disaster in Korea.
That may or may not help him stay focused? 

Front Nine

The Wind is For Real

 Ben Martin (-12) (5 Back) Thru 9
Crashes with a Triple Bogey o 6
Keegan Bradley (-13) (4 Back) Thru 6
Crashes with a Triple Bogey on 6

Noh (-17) Leading Thru 6
Holding on with - Scrambling and Putting Well

Charlie Hoffman (-15) 2 Back Thru 9
Crashes with a Triple Bogey on 6

Robert Streb Ties Noh! (-17) Thru 8
Robert Streb  (-15) Thru 9

Noh Long Biride Put! (-18) Thru 7
Noh Sticks Approach! (-19) Thru 10
2 Shot Lead

Overton (-17) Thru 10 T2


Back Nine


Noh Lucky On 13!
He Cooked it out of the Bunker Rough.
Ball Bounces a Yard from Pin
Heading 30 Feet Past 

Hits the Pin to Land inside 2 Feet - Tap IN PAR

Noh 3 shot Lead Thur 13
3 Players 3 back

Noh went on to Bogey Bounce Back Birdie 
The after Another Bogie
This Happened


Sticks It! Again!
He Threw Darts All Day

He Made the Puts He had to make

On 18 a Tap in Par
to Seal The Deal

Relief - Silent Prayer

Baptism by Beer
A Victory in Honor of Victims
Prayers for South Korea




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