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Omega Dubai Desert Classic

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Final Round

Feeding Frenzy 
The day began with Gallacher leading at (-16)
McIlroy alone in 2nd at (-14)

Front 9
Gallacher Chummed the water with Bogies on his1st 2 holes, Reducing his lead from (-16) to (-14).
Oleson bit first with a 70 foot birdie put to get to (-13).  The water boiled as Webster's 15 footer slowly curved into the center of the cup. Keopka followed missing an 80 foot Eagle Put 2 inches left and pushing in for Birdie (-13).  
The boat began to rock as  Hooked his 3rd Tee Shot way left into the Bunker on 3.  
Last weeks Runner up Ilonen sunk a a 30 footer for the 2nd Eagle of his Round. But he joined the frenzy late with only one hole left.
Gallacher short sided himself on his 2nd shot in fairway grass left of the greenside bunker
McIlroy joined Gallacher with his 2nd shot. They each have just 20 ft between the Pin and Fringe.
Oleson misses a 10 footer to drop back to (-12) 
McIlroy Lands his chip softly - just 10 ft past the hole.
Gallacher hits his thin (middle of the ball) it cracks across the green 40 ft past the hole to the opposite fringe. He avoids  a 3rd Bogey with a Par. T1 (-14)
McIlroy pushes his birdie put left to Par. Leaving the door open T1 (-14)
Oleson From the rough - almost holes it - sticking his approach within 2 ft. Pushes it in T2 (-13)
Keopka Birdie put from 25 ft slows and falls in to tie for the lead T1 (-14)
Ilonen Birdies 18th to lead in the clubhouse at (-13)
Oleson Tee shot center cut - sticks approach within 20 ft. Misses - Par. T2 (-13)
Keopka From the bunker leaves it short - Bogies T2 (-13)
McIlroy and Gallacher Par.
More Blood in the Water on the Par 3, 7. McIlroy into the Water! 
Keopka Approach on 8 - past the fringe into the 1st cut of rough
McIlroy calms the waters - sticks his drop shot within 2 ft. Bogey T2 (-13) 
Keopka (on 8) 50 ft away - Putting From the edge of the rough Its IN!
Alone at the Top! (-14)

After 7 - 4 way Tie for 2nd:
Ilonen (clubhouse) / McIlroy / Gallacher / Oleson (-13) 
McIlroy / Gallacher Tee Shots hooked left into the rough. Caroline walking the course with Rory. She';s been faithful. His putter betrays him though for Par T2 (-13)
Gallacher Stormy romance with his as well - Bogies. T3 (-12)
Keopka Tee Shot into the rough. Saves his Par 1st (-14)
Oleson Tshot barely on the Fairway - way left. High sailing approach fails to draw - in the rough. Leaves chip short - Bogies 9 T3 (-12) 
McIlroy hooks a sloppy right  for Par. 

Back 9 
(Our Pick) Webster on (10) -With his Long Putter - Holes it from 15 ft! T2 (-13)
He was on fire yesterday. If he can make another Run - we could make some money!

Molinari joins the party with a 15 ft Birdie Put. T2 (-13)
Keopka and Oleson Side by side in the Left Rough - Just right of the trees on (10)
Both in the GreenSide Bunkers
Oleson Good sand save to within 10 ft. Keopka betters him - within 4 ft
Oleson Pushes Birdie put it right - Huge Miss. T3 (-12)
Keopka Sloppy hurried Push Right. Par. 1st (-14)

They area falling out of the Boat!
Webster Pushes his Par Put Right on 11. T3 (-12)
Molinari Pushes his Par Put Right on 11. T3 (-12) 
McIlroy In the Sand behind a tree - 2nd shot Par 5 10th. Out of the fire - into the pan - Bunker. 
And back to the Fire - Greenside Bunker. Sand save 25 ft past. Par Put 3 ft past. 
Bogie T3 (-12). He's lucky it was a Par 5 and only dropped 1.
Oleson Nice shot on Par 3 11 - but bounces right fringe - 20ft. MIsses Par T3(-12)
Keopka Runs Par put past - Bogie - Loses Sole Lead - T1 (-13) 
Gallacher Misses 12 ft Put for share of Lead T3(-12. On (11) - from 25 ft - just off the fringe - 
Birdie Put to Tie the Lead T1 (-13) 
McIlroy Follows him with a 10 footer fro Birdie T1 (-13)

Boats Getting Full! 
5 Way Tie for 1st:
Ilonen (clubhouse) / Rock / McIlroy / Keopka  / Gallacher (-13) 

On (12)
Gallacher Left rough. McIlroy Right Rough. (Neither hit the green on Approach)
Oleson Runs 30 ft Par Put 3 ft past (-11)
Webster (on 13) From 30ft - Sinks it T2 (-12)  
McIlroy Pushes par Put right - Bogie - T2 (-12)
Gallacher Pars 12
Oleson Falling Apart - hooks Approach on Par 5 into Rough.
Rock (on 13) From Fairway Bunker - Hits the Green 20 ft.
Caey Misses easy 6 Footer for Birdie on 18 Finishes (-12)  

This has Become a Blood Bath - Free For All.
15 Players within 3 of the Lead 
Watching on DVR - not sure if this goes to Playoff. Running Out of Time.

Grillo on 18 (-13) 70 Foot Put for Eagle. IT'S IN!

Skipping Ahead to Last 3 Holes 

Gallacher Birides 16 for Share of Lead T1 (-15)
Keopka Birdies On (17) T2 (-14)
Gallacher On (17) Tee shot sinks deep into Right Rough
Keopka From the Tee Par 5 18. Needs Birdie or Better. Good Bounce - Center Fairway.
(Our Pick) Gallacher Floats it Softly onto Green - Rolls just a foot short of Hole. Birdie! 
Takes Sole Lead! (-16)
Keopka 2nd Shot - Par 5 From the Fairway - From 200 Ft. Needs Eagle to Tie. He has 2 Shots to Hole it. Green Bordered in Front by Water - Pin Back Center. It's High in the Air - Crowd Cheers - Bunker.  Only 20 ft between Pin and Fringe.
Gallacher From the Tee at 18. Right Fairway. 
Keopka In the Huge Flat Bunker - Long and Wide. Look like a Sand Canal. Sets up facing the Hole. Digs in to the shallow sand. Club Face Open. Pushes it 50 ft Right of Hole. (Remember - open face shots are always gonna go right.) But, if he had aimed left - would have ran past into water anyway - Hit it way too Thin. Too much ball - not enough sand. He needs help from Gallacher now.
Gallacher Lays up.
Keopka Misses Birdie Put T3 (-14) Great Showing though in a Big Time Tourney. Should be Proud. Remember his name on PGA

Only Grillo (-15) in the Clubhouse has a Chance now. 3 shots for Gallacher to win

Sticks approach - But NO! it rolls past hole, still running - onto Fringe - heading for the Water - down the rough - settles at the top of bank.
He's Putting - 3ft Short
Shot (4) Needs to Hole this for the Win?????
Pushes it Hard Right - It's IN!

(Our Pick) Gallacher Wins!

Our Picks- Posted (Bottom) Wednesday, January 29, 2014 

Gallacher - 40-1



Round 3

Our Picks: 1st, 3rd and 5th!
All eyes were on McIlroy and Koepka when out of nowhere - Last years winner Spephen Gallacher shredded the back 9 with a 28, 7 Under.to finish the day 10 Under and take sole possession of 1st Place (-16)   
McIlroy started strong but was only able to better his score by 3 (-14) 
Brooks Koepka is a bad man. This guy looks more like a linebacker than a golfer. When you can hit long off the tee and sink long puts - you are dangerous. He had 4 birdies between 5 and 11 - sinking everything that landed on the green. But he too left the door open with a 3rd round 70. He goes onto the Final Round T3 @ (-12)   Thorbjorn Oleson shot 4 Under to come within 4 of the lead going into the final day. T3 (-12).   Steve Webster had the 2nd best round of the Day @ 8 Under - putting himself in the mix for the Final Round T5 @ (-11).

Set your DVR: 
Golf Channel will Broadcast the Final Round Tonight from 12:30 am to 5:30 am (PST). ____________________________________

Round 2

Missed puts were the story of the day in Dubai. The warm weather has dried out the greens and they are running at 12 or better - the fastest the Euro Tour has seen. This bodes well for Americans, more accustomed to fast greens. That's why Euro stars often struggle in US tourney's. However, There are some great European regulars on the Sunshine Tour - who should be able to adjust. 

Last years Superstar and Dubai Local Henrik Stenson - made a move to (-7)
We all expected McIlroy to run away with it - but he too fell victim to the greens - shooting just 2 Under. But Rory holds the Lead at (-11)
Richard Sterne fell hardest, 1 Over and back to (-5)   
American Books Koepka came out of nowhere with a great round 1 off the Lead (-10). Quesne is hanging in there just 3 back at (-8). 
After a respectable 68 1st round 68, Tigers woods shot 73 in his 2nd Round. 

Full Leaderboard
Round 1

Rory McIlroy looks like he is back a the best golfer on the planet. Leading at 9 Under.
(Our Pick) Richard Sterne got off to a Good Start  T3 at -6
(Our Pick) Gallacher - Last years winner also hanging in there T3 at -6
(Our Pick) Quesne surprised everyone taking the lead at 9 Under to fall back to T3 at -6
Tiger Woods - as predicted scrambled brilliantly but missed some fairways and Greens. 
to Finish round 1 at T10 -4 

PreGame Predictions
Got this Out this Earlier This Week. 
Dubai is 12 Hours ahead - So Need to Bet Today or Tomorrow by 12. Actually Before 7pm Tomorrow - But LVH closes Overseas Tourneys Early Sometimes

One Caution: A Few Favorites could Run away with this one. Rory seems to be trending. Stenson was On Fire Last Year. Tiger seems to have a Life now and that makes him 
dangerous too. Woods short game was looking good in the pre-game Champions round. However, they showed him hitting about 3 or 4 trouble shots. So, His Driving Accuracy and GIR may not be in line for a win this week. 

My Favorites:

Top Picks:
Bello -25-1 (Top Stats and Top 10s)
Gallacher -40-1 (Last Years Winner)
Fleetwood -60-1

Great Value: 
Ulhine -60-1
Couples -200-1 (Stats Off the Hook)


 Top Rated this Tourney

Full Tournament Stats 
Note: Fred Couples #2 Finish @ Mitsubishi 1/19/14 Not Qatar
I did not Penalize him (200) for Not Playing Other Tournies as he is no on the Tour. 
His Stats are Off the Hook Though at 200-1 

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