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Jordan Spieth Leads at Farmers


Play by Play Last 3 Holes Sunday.

Note: Look for Woodland to push a few right. He does not turn his wrist over on a lot of his shots.

(1st) Par 4
Woodland (-8) nailed the DogLeg Right - But pushed is Approach into the Right Rough. Runs chip 15 ft past the hole.Bogies to drop a shot (-7) Tied 1st (1)
Spieth (-7) Pulls his Tee Shot - but sticks his approach withing 15 Feet of Pin. Runs put 2.5 feet past the Hole. Pushes in for Par. Good Save after Errant Tee Shot. (-7) Tied 1st (1)
(2nd) Par 4
Woodland (-7) Iron Off Tee to Center Fairway.
Spieth (-7)  Hits 3 Wood Off Tee - Safe in 1st Cut of Rough.
Woodland (-7) Sticks Approach within 4 FT. Short Birdie Put.(-8) Tied 1st (2)
Spieth (-7)  From 1st Cut - Leaves it above the Ridge on Green - 30 ft away. Tough put  coming for Birdie. Turns Right at Hole - Taps in form 2 Ft.(-7) 2nd
(3rd) Par 3
Leishman (-7) Short Birdie Put (-8) Tied 1st (2)
Leishman (-8) Par 3 (3rd) 20 FT from Pin. Par. (-8) Tied 1st (3)
Woodland (-8) Par 3 (3rd) Pushes it Right almost over the Cliff into deep Rough. 
Leaves chip 4 Ft short.Oushes in for Par. (-8) Tied 1st (3)
Spieth (-7)  Par 3 (3rd) On the Green - Rolls back off the Ridge - 50 FT from Pin. OMG! Spieth Sinks it from 50 Ft! (-8) Tied 1st (3
(4th) Par 4
Spieth (-8)  Pulls it Left off the Fairway. Heavy Cabbage. 5 iron 201.10 ft off the Green Good Lie
Woodland (-8) Pushes it Right over the Gallery. In the Cabbage - just off cart path. 190 to go. 50ft off the Green Good Lie. God Chip rolls toward hole within 2 Ft.
Leishman (-8) Right side Bunker. - 40 ft off the Green Good Lie.

Hate Golf Channel - Just Dropped Coverage - Pick it up on CBS at 12 (PST)
Looks like Log Jam coming at the Top -  Gonna be an Exciting Finish.

Back 9
Spieth (-7)  Pars 12
Woodland (-8) Pars 12 Pars 12
Leishman (-8) Bogies 12 (-7) 
Stallings, Woodland, Day, Choi (-8) Tied for Lead.
Final Group (13th)Par 5 

Spieth (-7)  Off Tee - Good Bounce Right Fairway. Approach Left Rough. Chips within 12.
Just misses within a Foot. Par ( (-7) (-7)-7
Woodland (-8) Off Tee Deep Rough  Approach inside 10 Feet. Misses by 2 Feet. Birdie put Good (-9) Tied for Lead
Leishman (-7) Off Tee Center Fairway. Approach Left Rough. Chips within 12
Stallings (-9) Approach -in the Bunker on Par 4 15. Overshoots chip by 16 ft. Pars long Put.
Day Bogies 17
Perez. Choi Tied 2nd (-8)

Final Group (14th)Par 4 
Woodland (-9) Off Tee into Gallery. Approach in Bunker. Chip 17 ft. Misses Par Put (-8)
Spieth (-7)  Off Tee - Center Fairway. Approach 162 8 Iron- 75 ft from Hole. Birdie put inside 4 ft.
Leishman (-7)Left Fairway, Off Tee Center Fairway. Approach inside 6ft. MIsses Birdie Put (-7) 
Stallings (16)  (-9) MIsses Par Put (-8)   
Stalling Misses Par Put on 16 (-8)
DeLaet (-7)  Birdies 18 (-8) Tied Lead
Day (-7)  Birdies 18 (-8) Tied Lead
Stallings (17) (-9) Into Gallery. Approach through the Green just into Rough

Final Group (15th) Par 4 
Woodland (-8) Off Tee Left first Cut.. Approach inside 12 ft
Spieth (-7)  Off Tee - Right Rough. Approach 200yds into Bunker. Tops it over the Green!
Almost holes it from rough - 6 ft past- Bogie (-6)
Leishman (-7)Leishman (-7)Leishman (-7) 3rd shot inside 1 FT.

Day / Choi / Delaet in Clubhouse @ (-8) 
Woodland On-16 (-8) / Stalling On-18 (-8) 
Perez slowly burns the edge on-17 Par (-7) 

Woodland On-16 (-8) Misses Birdie put - 12 ft Short. Par a (-8)
Spieth On-16 misses 30 ft Par Put. (-5)

Stalling in the Clubhouse On-18 (-9) Sole Leader  
That Killed everyone in the clubhouse at (-8) 
Perez (-7) 3rd shot into 18 from 89 yds - Needs an Eagle.  Inside 4 Ft in at (-8) No Chance
Woodland On-17 (-8) Tee Shot Into Bushes Hazard. 2nd shot over trees onto edge of Green. Misses Par Put. Double Bogie (-6)
Leishman (-7) Pars 17
Spieth (-5)  2nd shot from left Rough - under trees onto Green within 20 f. Burns the edge - Par No Chance.

Last Man Standing:
Leishman (-7) Pars 17Needs Eagle on 18 to Tie
Tee Shot - Hits Spectator on Cart Path
takes drop 3 ft from pat. 255 to the Green
Needs to get there in 2 
Lays up 100yds back?- Must make next shot to Tie Sticks it 10 Feet Past - Spinning back toward Pin. Within 2 Ft. 

Stallings Wins!

His 9 under really spoiled the party and what would have been an exciting Finish. Congrats to Scott. 

Spieth Paid his Dues today with a Final Round 75. Betting him hard Next Tourney. 
3 Picks at Top of LeaderBoard but No Money this week. 
Is Jordan a Sea Biscuit?
This is Spieth's first year on Tour in which he started the season with an actual Tour Card. 
There is no doubt in my mind that he will quickly learn to hold a lead and close. The simple answer to why he gave up the lead today is missed Fairways and approach shots that left him in a bunker or with a long Birdie put. 

However., I can't help but wonder if there is a little Sea Biscuit in his sub conscience. His only win came from half a dozen shots back on a Sunday. He has made a habit of coming from behind on Sunday. If you remember the movie Sea Biscuit - you will recall the Big race against War Admiral. There was a tip the Jockey's exchanged - in order for the little horse to win. Let the Other Horse Catch Him. He will Fight for the Lead.  

Spieth faces a war Admiral of Sorts tomorrow in Gary Woodland. Woodland has been playing well of Late . He currently holds the lead at 8 Under. He hits the ball a country mile, But is prone to to missing big as well. He is 153rd in Putting. The real threat seems to come from Mark Leishman. I didn't even bet Leishman because his stats were so bad. Mark is well below 150th in Driving Accuracy and GIR.  But has frequented the top of the leaderboard several times and may be poised to commit a crime of opportunity if the other leaders leave the door open. Spieth and Leishman will start the day tomorrow - 1 back at 7 Under. 

I like Jordan's Odds. Anytime you give Spieth and his Young caddie 2 days to feel out a course - they usually make a pretty nice run - coming down the back stretch.

Torre Pines is Merciless
The hottest golfers on the planet were taken to the shed today at farmers. No punishment was withheld for anyone missing a fairway or shanking an errant approach. The Rough was Deep and the Greens were fast and undulating. 

Anyone included Tiger Woods - who failed to make the second cut. He finished 7 over with a Round that included 7 Bogies and 2 Doubles. Michelson with drew with a bad back prior to the Round.

Spieth Starts the Day with 36 Hole Lead
20 year old Rising Superstar Jordan Spieth has once again stolen the Spotlight from the worlds best Golfers. After starting the day 7 back on Friday - he shredded the easier North course with a 9 under round to take the sole lead at 10 Under. He was undaunted by the Media frenzy and pressure of being paired with Tiger. He bettered Woods by 8 strokes yesterday.

This will be a Marathon - Not a Sprint. He shot 1 under Friday on the treacherous South Course. However, he missed two short puts that would have given him a respectable 3 under. Woods stated that pace is needed on these difficult Pollyanna greens. Spieth adjusted his putting mechanics by transferring his weight forward to his left foot. This paid off yesterday with a stellar putting performance.

All players will compete on the More Difficult South course Saturday and Sunday. Putting pace along with Driving accuracy will be key. The Rough is deep and limits a players options on approach to the challenging pin placements and undulating Greens. 

Michelson has withdrawn with back pain. Tiger made the cut - but is well back after an unimpressive start.

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