Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Golf Picks Qatar 2014

Most of the leaders fell away on Sunday. Only a few stayed atop the leaderboard until the last 3 scoring holes. 

Sergio Garcia: in the Clubhouse @ -16
Ilonen: Joins him @ -16

Thorbjorn Oleson (Europe's version of Jordan Spieth) only a sliver of a chance -lands in the Bunker on 17  Lousy chip shot onto fringe puts past the hole - Still 2 Back with one to play Looks like he's done. Would have to Eagle to join the leaders. But Wait! On the Final Par 5 18 - he sticks his 200 yd approach within 15 Feet - He's not done yet!
The young Frenchman - Saddier will put first from nearly the same position on the green. Oleson will get a free read. Saddier holes it for Eagle! The pressure is on Oleson now.
Oleson: Walks the green and stares down the hole - like a Bull Fighter ready to strike.  He misses well left. Oleson: Finishes @-15.
Bello: Fighting back - but 2 Back on 17. Needs back to back birdies to join the leaders in the clubhouse. Leaves a 25 footer short on 17 to par. He too will need an Eagle on 18.
His tee shot roll just past the first two layers of well groomed graduated rough - just inches into the the thick stuff. He's 215 yds out and need an Eagle. The Pin placement is Front Left on 18 is just Right of the water, about 20 feet inside a small ridge. 
Not an easy shot - he will need to land it past the hole and spin it back - nearly impossible to get backspin out of the rough. There is a 20 foot strip of extended fringe just to the right of the green that leads right up into the hole. He would be better off landing it there and hoping for it to roll up. hitting that shout would be the equivalent of hitting a Cadillac from  2 football fields away. He pulls out his 5 wood. Looks like he'll try to roll it up.  The ball is slightly buried in the rough. 
BTW - if you ever have that kind of Lie with an Iron - with less distance to cover -Try opening your face and hitting down on it - close to the Hosel. the grass will close the face before impact. Aim a little short and right as it will tend to pull a little and come out hot
Bello pushes it right - rolls through the green - into the deep rough behind. He chips it high into the air. It lands and rolls toward the hole. Right on line closer, closer,  2 feet from hole - it dies. 
Bello: Finishes @-15. 

PLAYOFF HOLE 1 (18) 520yd Par 5

Sergio Garcia: Tee shot just inside the Fairway on the right.
Ilonen: Tee shot Twenty feet behind Garcia center Right.
Ilonen: Approach shot (5 Iron) from inside 200 - lands front left - rolls overs ridge on Green, settles just 25 feet from Pin. Insane Shot!
Sergio Garcia: Approach shot (5 Iron) from inside 200. OMG! Hits the same spot - but inside Ilonen by 10 Feet!
Ilonen: Eagle Put from 25 ft - rolling straight for the hole - dies, just short left. Pushes in for Birdie
Sergio Garcia:  Eagle Put from 15 ft. Good pace - Burns right edge. Pushes in for Birdie.

PLAYOFF HOLE 2 (18 Again) 520yd Par 5

Sergio Garcia: Tee shot Right -Second Layer Rough.
Ilonen: Tee shot High Draw - Dead Solid Perfect Center
Sergio Garcia: Approach shot (5 Iron) from short Rough (ball sitting up). Pushes it Right into Right Greenside Bunker. 
Ilonen: Approach shot (5 Iron) from inside 200 Center fairway. Sticks it left of Pin. Rolls past hole  right within 20 Feet. Great Shot!
Sergio Garcia: From Bunker - good flat lie (sitting up) in the center. Sicks it  - rolls out 2 ft from Hole.  
(Sun Setting)
Ilonen: 20 footer for the Win. Rolls right to left - just short. Pushes in for Birdie
Sergio Garcia: Pushes in for Birdie

PLAYOFF HOLE 3 (18 Again) 520yd Par 5

Sergio Garcia: Tee shot High Fade Right Center
Ilonen: Tee shot Pushes it Right into Deep Rough. 
Ilonen: Directing Gallery to the Right - out of his line. Ball sitting up - cuts it Right in to Greenside Bunker. 
Sergio Garcia: Approach shot (5 Iron) from inside 200 Center Right fairway. Lands front Right of Green siting atop the ridge 30 ft from Pin.
Ilonen: From Bunker - good flat lie (sitting up). Chips 10 feet right of Pin - Tries to spin back - but sticks.  
Sergio Garcia: 30 foot put from ridge downhill - Right at it - dies right within 6 inches. Marks hi ball. 
Ilonen: 15 foot put - hooking Right to left - misses by a foot
Sergio Garcia: Pushes in for the Win!
 445 am Sat. Pending Playoff Now on Golf Channel 

Round 3 Update:
Tight Race at Qatar!
10 Players within 2 of Lead.
Exciting Finish Expected Tomorrow!
Watch Highlights:
See Fantastic Highlights from Farmers PGA - Update and Videos in Post Below

Update: A couple of familiar names from last year are leading after 2 Rounds.  Bello and Coetzee. Bello is one of the best players on the Euro Tour. Coetzee T4 at Abu Dahbi is overdue to win. Also Steve Webster is in the mix. He was trending last year. Wasn't on the bet sheet this week -but I like him to win one this year.

Sorry - went to bet it and it already started
I'll Post Earlier on both Tours Next Week

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