Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Golf Picks Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship

Entertaining Finish. Phil and Rory both had a chance to win Late. McIlroy would have won - except for an earlier 2 stroke drop penalty.  Luiten had a chance to win. He failed to birdie 2 Par 5s and missed a close put.  Coetzee came close.

Final Leaderboard


 This Weeks Picks

I have been Busy with the NFL Playoffs. Will Post Earlier in the Week once Footballs over. 

Caution: There is a Big Time Difference in this one. So Bet today - Not Tonight. 
I Did Not Handicap this Tourney. Just Going off of Memory from Last Year and Last weeks Tourney. 

I Like Rory McIlroy to win soon. But I am not Picking Low Odd Favorites this week.  
Luiten and Grace are Favorites - but still at Decent Odds. Just Realized (after I bet) I missed Ross Fischer - who I like - was T2 last year. Never checked last years leader board like usual.

Good Luck!

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