Wednesday, April 11, 2018


This week I personally bought tickets on several players we are "watching" (below). I handicapped them as legit contenders this week. Those players would have been posted as pre tournament bets any other week, IE Poulter, Kuchar, Cam Smith. Going big on Cantlay and Schauffele too - would have put us over budget. I bet those two big personally and didn't you to miss out if I hit big. So I made them our only pre tournament bets this week. I just had an idea how we can go big on a player or two once in a while and still cover our normal 10-13 players.....

Big Plays
Once in a while, a player is due and is worth a big bet. 9 $100 bets on Spieth a few years back paid $5,000 plus. Our 3rd. OTHER Bank can also be used to bet additional money on a player on one of the other tours we feel strong about any week we don't bet a 3rd tour like Asia or something. That way our whole bank is not spent on that one player for that tour, that week. 

Note: Even if Schauffele or Cantlay don't his this week, I still expect them to break out and will stay on them heavy. Moving forward, that will not restrict the number of other bets we cover.

I'm excited about our New Bank. Please read my last 2 posts about that. 

This week is a little different, not because of the New Bank, but because there are two players I am going to bet hard on until they win. This limits our pre tournament bets. I have have large tickets on Cantlay $1200 and Schauffele $1000, and did not want you to miss out if my hunch is right that one will win this week. I limited the bet amounts on them in the bank to stay within our budget. As part of our new strategy, I also set aside some cash from this weeks budget on each tour - to cover some Late Live bets. 

The players you see below under Watching are all serious contenders this week in my opinion. I made big money betting more on Spieth and feel the same bout Cantlay and Schauffele. Go with your gut on who you pick going into the week. 

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