Tuesday, August 11, 2015

World Golf Fest Comes to Vegas

Pics and Updates 

My Cheers 
 About 6 months ago I walked into Taylormade Golf experience to play 9 holes on my local par 3 course. We know everyone in the bar, store and bag room - great people, they're like family.  This is my "Cheers". There are no fairways, the longest hole is about 195 yards. It only takes around 90 minutes to play, and is only about $25 per round. So it's a great option is you're in town on a quick business trip.  

The course is located near Sunset and Las Vegas Blvd, across from Town Center. It also features a large Driving Range, Golf Store and State of the Art Fitting Equipment.

For years I swore I would never play golf until I was on life support. "unplug me and find me a swing coach." My 20 something little sister changed all that about 3 years ago. She talked me into hitting balls on the range at what was then called Callaway Golf Center. A month later, we're in a golf cart having cocktails, pin hunting. "This beats the hell out of video poker" I declared.
It has become a bi-weekly ritual now.  Most recreational golfers spend the majority of their time hitting driver off the range. Very little time is spent on their wedge and short irons, putting or scrambling. Even pros often neglect those 120 yard approach shots. I play there without a tee and just pretend I'm in the fairway. Over the last few years - we've gone from learning to hit it out of the dirt after a stray tee shot - to developing a pretty good short game. 

My Own Back Yard
So anyway, 6 months ago I walk into the store to pay for my round. The GM, Ken, tells me he has people shooting promotional shots for an upcoming World Golf Skills event. "Oh, OK, should I not play today or just stay out of the way? Ken: "No man, go help em out and see if they need anything". I found the CEO Paul Christianson  and his photographer in the 5th hole. Next thing I know I'm posing for mock tee shots. They kept shooting and I went on to play my round. 

I found out from Paul that they would be holding a world Par 3 world championship right there at my home break in my own back yard. In a town full of world class courses - I never dreamed my little par 3 would host a championship anything. Don't get me wrong, its a challenging course -  I play with scratch golfers there all the time - I've never seen one shoot under par yet. 

Time to Shine? 
Wow! lets practice and get ready for this we thought. We did, and were looking forward to playing in the Par 3 tournament this week. I've been shooting 27 there and sniffed 25 several times. We were also anxious to show off our skills in the short game and putting challenges this week. As it turns out - the tourney has been limited to participants in the World Golf Scramble that took place a while ago. We missed.that. We did apply for media passes which offer a free entry into the skills events. We'll see how it goes and may or may not have a chance to compete this week. Either way - I hope the event is a success and returns next yea. I'll continue this article as the event unfolds and post pics on Twitter over the weekend.  

Event Schedule
Thursday - Saturday Aug 13th-15th
Taylor Made Golf Experience


TV Schedule
Fox Sports

- Rick Jansen

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