Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Serious favorites are a risk this week in Mexico. Fleetwood, Thomas, Phil, Jordan and DJ, in that order, rank at the top for this Tourney. I bet Fleetwood and covered Phil. There are other hot trending players like Cantlay, Schaufelle and Fritelli I'm going big on. My personal bets on those are double what I listed on the bank bets (have to stay close to the budget). 

Ross Fisher took 3rd here last year and has been trending to break thru. Reavie and Peters rank high this week and I'm staying on Finau to break thru. 

Driving accuracy with be at a premium this week and spotty greens will play a part in the outcome, So hitting Fairways, GIR, and making 2 puts will be a winning recipe. Hopefully that will foil Phil. I like Cantlay and Schauffele for those reasons. Reavie ranks high for driving accuracy and due to break thru.

I cut my teeth on The Twasne Open when I first started capping golf. There are several hot players on the Euro and Asian tour in the mix Like Bjork, Norris and Hebert, and several South Africans I had to cover based on history like Fichardt, Aiken and Trevor Fisher Jr. 
Tjaart Van Der Walt has a good history here @100-1.

Other RSA locals like George Coetzee are at the top of the stats this week with top 10s coming in and a good history here. Justin Walters is second behind Coetzee on that list. 

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