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Sean Foley sucked Tiger in at his most vulnerable point 4 years ago. He then proceeded to acquire other big name students - as Woods Swing Guru. None of them ever improved under his tutelage. His Swing Theories are convoluted at best and have resulted in back injuries to Tiger and others. 

It would be like teaching Michael Jordan how to play basketball. No need!  Woods was the greatest golfer in history. In 4 years - Foley has destroyed Tiger's Swing, Short Game and Putting. In the process he made millions off Tiger. It will take a year for Woods to get those swing thoughts out of his golf brain. The good news is - he has about 6 months off (due to "back" injury) before his 2015 season begins. 

I have been waiting for this to happen for 3 years. I have been Rooting for Tiger to lose. Just because I knew he would never succeed under Foley. I wanted it to get so bad he would have to dump Foley.  It finally has. Several of his last outings were horrific. Two years ago - Randal Chamblis almost lost his job on Golf Channel for criticizing his new swing under Foley. Now everyone see it. Too bad Tiger is so stubborn that it took 4 years. But all's well that ends well. 
Golfers have a long career - many play on tour until they are 50. That gives Tiger about 13 years to break Jack's records for major wins. If his knee and back holds up.

It will be fun to Root for him again! 

Former Foley Student:
Parker McLachlin Won in 2008. He then adopted Foley as his coach. Foley changed his grip. He lost his card a year later. More

Hunter Mahan
Joined Foley in 2008. He had 6 top 10s in 2007. He Has been with Foley for 6 years.
He's had less Top 10s 4 of those years under Foley.

Justin Rose 
Joined Foley in 2009. He had 7 Top 10s in 2007. 3 of his years with Foley he had less. the same twice and 8 - only once in his 6 years with Foley. 

Butch Harmon
His academy is near Las Vegas. A couple he charged thousands for swing lessons came into  the pro shop where I play. They didn't have a clue how to hit a golf ball. 

Tiger Doesn't Need a Swing Coach
Swing coaches are for the most part blood sucking leaches. They do not win Tournaments. Great players do - regardless of who coaches them. Tiger was a prodigy before Harmon. Haney sold a tell All book about Tiger. Foley destroyed every aspect of Tigers game.

The Media
The Kiss Asses on Golf Channel are sell outs.  Everyone is Whitewashing this. Defending Foley. Afraid to speak the truth. It's all so syrupy sweet I want to puke. Hey! Foley Radically changed every part of Tigers Game. He Destroyed the Greatest Golfer in History  He should be Tarred and Feathered, and run out of town on a Rail.

Tigers Mind
I think he is happy in his personal life. Now that he won't have a creep with a Man-Purse and camcorder stalking him - I think he'll be fine. He just needs to get away from everyone. Spend some time alone and go back to what worked for him in the beginning. Golf is "Not" a Team Sport. He doesn't need a team. The big question is - Can Tiger stand on his own two feet. If he looks outside himself for an answer he will fail. 

I Really think he should get away from golf for a few months altogether. Get Healthy and Get Foley out of his head. Then go play a dozen Rounds by Himself. Lose the Trackman and Figure it out on his own. On the course - Not the Range. He Needs to just Play Golf. Who knows more about golf than Tiger? 
-Rick Jansen


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