Tuesday, May 28, 2019


We hit a live winner on Euro and several position bets, but last week proved once again, There is No Such Thing as a Sure Thing...

The 3 Way Strategy offers several advantages. 
This is an experimental strategy we are fine tuning each week.

2 WIN 
These bets offer the highest return, but you cant cover all you predicted winners, and as we saw last week (above), there is no such thing as a sure thing. However, the odds are high going in, and this is how you hit big several times per yr, and we have hit 2Win bets placed pre tournament consistently, once or twice a month. 

These bets are only available online and pay if a player finishes T5,T10,T20 or better. Depending on which of those bets you place. The chance of cashing several winning tickets from the same tournament is an exciting proposition. This can also help cover losses on 2WIN bets. However, it only covers 2WIN losses if you make more on proposition bets than you bet on that strategy. $60 in position bets needs to pay more than $60 to cover other wagers. For that reason, this week we are betting more Legit T20s at $10, rather than $5 each.

Position bets are not available after the tourney begins. All Live Bets are 2WIN. As last week showed, Favorites and your best laid picks can miss the cut and leave you with a handful of losing tickets. Live Bets allow you to wait until Friday night, after all players have played a morning and afternoon round and made or missed the cut. This eliminate about half the players you could have bet, that are now watching on TV.  The downside is that whomever is in the lead, will now be at very low odds. If you didn't bet Keopka with a 7 shot lead, you better hope your position bets hits. Used properly though, this is a very sensible strategy. I am looking to increase the percentage of Live bets in our budget. 

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The 3 Way Strategy Applied
Here are some tips we are using to apply this strategy....

2 WIN (40%) 
Pick a low Odds Favorite, some Mid Odds Contenders and always cover a Longshot or two. dozens of winners hit every year at over 100-1. I try to make sure my 2WIN bets pay a minimum of $250 or more. Mid Range $400+ Longshots $500+. At $150 a week, you need to cash some decent sized tickets once or twice a month to stay in the black. Stay on a few great players that are due for a win. Even at lower odds they can pay big. Spieth made us $5000 the year he broke through and Xander has made us over $200 this year already. You my only have 2, 2win bets some weeks, make them count.

Stay within your budget, don't run away from a solid 3 or 5-1, bet $10 instead of $5 and  make sure each bet pays $30 or more. (Still experimenting with this strategy).

You can make a case for this strategy being 80% of your budget. However, I do not want to give up the pre tournament 2WIN bets we have had success with, and position bets offer the best chance to win. These bets take a little work and require your attention each day of the event. This week I will be looking at the leaderboard, Thu, Fri, Sat and Sunday. Friday is a great live bet night, once the cut has been made. Saturday night it is really narrowed down and you may only have a few choices left 3 or 4 back. Sunday, if the leader is in range, is your last chance to grab a winner. I'm only allotting $10 per night on Live bets. Don't chase, be willing to take a loss one week. It's better than going way over budget and still not hitting a winner. 

My goal with this strategy is to hit some big tickets once a month, while making money, or at least cutting loses each week. I'll post this weeks picks, using this strategy tomorrow morning.

-Rick Jansen

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