Saturday, November 18, 2017



Golf Budget
Last week I cashed a winning ticket for $600 on Cantlay and spent more than usual on golf $250. It was money well spent. I did not win, but I realized less is more as far as golf bets go. If you bet $100 per week on each tour (PGA & Euro) - that's $200 a week or $1000 over a 5 week month. You have to hit big or often to stay ahead. Most of our big wins have come on exceptional stand out players that we bet bigger money on at lesser odds when we felt they were about to break thru. Spieth first win $30 @30-1 paid $900 and Cantlay $20 @30-1 $600, are good examples. Longshots hit too @100-1 about 10 times per yr - but you cant cover them every week at $5 each at the Vegas Books. . 
Betting Strategy
We can cover up to 10 players for $50 on each tour at the Vegas Books for $100. $30 on a hot favorite still leaves 4 more bets. 
Online (Longshot Bets)
By adding Online bets to the strategy at a book like we can cover longshots without breaking the bank - as they have a $1 minimum.
Profit and Loss
Our average winning ticket is between $300 and $600. We hit once or twice a month. At $50 per week - $250 per month - 1 Winner every 5 weeks makes us money. Our budget is $250 per tour (PGA &Euro) every 5 weeks. You may want to pick just one tour at first.

Note:I wold normally bet more -$10-$30 on Favorites 10 to 30-1. But I didn't have a strong feeling on any one player this week on Euro this week. As you can see (below) we bet more Euro this week and borrowed from PGA to stay within the budget. The online Bets are separate,that bank started at $75

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